Visu Makam

I am a fourth year graduate student in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Michigan. I am advised by Prof. Harm Derksen. Prior to joining grad school, I spent my undergraduate years at Chennai Mathematical Institute, where I obtained B.Sc with Honors in Mathematics and Computer Science.

My research interests are in
  • Invariant theory
  • Representations of quivers
  • Algebraic complexity
  • Papers and Preprints

  • Generating invariant rings of quivers in arbitrary characteristic
    Harm Derksen and Visu Makam

  • On non-commutative rank and tensor rank
    Harm Derksen and Visu Makam

  • Degree bounds for semi-invariant rings of quivers
    Harm Derksen and Visu Makam

  • Polynomial degree bounds for matrix semi-invariants
    Harm Derksen and Visu Makam
    Advances in Mathematics 310 (2017): 44-63

  • Hilbert series and degree bounds for matrix (semi)-invariants
    Visu Makam
    J. Algebra 454 (2016): 14-28