Prof Veera
Dr. Veera Sundararaghavan [Curriculum Vitae: Prof Veera Sundararaghavan]
Professor of Aerospace Engineering
3025 FXB building
1320 Beal Ave
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI 48109 Phone (office): (734) 615 7242
Education: PhD, Cornell University, 2007.

Current and Former Doctoral Students:
1. Dr. Sangmin Lee (PhD, Multiscale modeling of moving interface problems with flux and field jumps, Graduated 2011, Research scientist, Microvast),
2. Dr. Abhishek Kumar (PhD, Probabilistic Modeling of Polycrystalline alloys for optimized properties, Graduated 2014.Asst Professor at Wentworth Institute of Technology),
3. Dr. Shang Sun (PhD, Multiscale Modeling of Fracture in Polycrystalline Materials, Graduated 2014. Amazon inc),
4. Dr. Nicholas Fasanella(PhD, Multiscale Modeling of Carbon Nanotube-Epoxy Nanocomposites, Graduated 2016. Northrop Grumman).
5. Dr. Sriram Ganesan (PhD, Microstructural response of Magnesium alloys: 3D crystal plasticity and experimental validation, Graduated 2017. Intel),
6. Dr. Adam Duran (PhD, Multiscale modeling of shock wave propagation in heterogeneous energetic composites, Graduated 2017. NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)),
7. Dr. Pinar Acar(PhD, Multiscale optimization of microstructures in Ti-Al and Fe-Ga alloys, Graduated 2017. Faculty at Virginia Tech.).
8. Dr. Shardul Panwar (PhD, Numerical and Analytical modeling of high cycle fatigue response in Magnesium alloy microstructures, Graduated 2018. Toyota Research Institute),
9. Dr. Jiangyi Luo(PhD, Peridynamics modeling of 3D crystal plasticity, Graduated 2019, research fellow SJTU).
10.Dr. Siddhartha Srivastava(PhD, Graph theoretic modeling of material behavior with applications to quantum computing, Graduated 2021, Research Fellow Univ Michigan ).
11.Dr. Aaditya Lakshmanan(PhD, Modeling of grain size effect in crystal plasticity, Graduated 2022, Sr Engineer, Novelis).
12.Iman Javaheri(PhD candidate, Markov Random Field methods for microstructure reconstruction, Support: Rackham Merit Fellow, NSF Fellowship, MICDE fellow).
13.Gurmeet Singh(PhD candidate, Atomistic modeling for polymer and metal additive manufacturing, Support: DoE).
14.Michael Pilipchuk(PhD precandidate, Microstructure simulation for additive manufacturing, Support: DoE).
15.Anindya Karmakar(PhD precandidate, Multiscale Mechanics of Vitrimers, Support: START grant).

Faculty visitors:
1. Prof. Jafar Albinmousa King Fahd University, Saudi Arabia.
Research Fellows:
1. Dr. Christian Heinrich (Research Fellow, Multiscale modeling of magnesium alloy under cyclic loading, Support: DoE, 2015-16, Currently: Technical Expert, CapGemini).
2. Dr. Susanta Ghosh (Research Fellow, Atomistically informed non-local elasticity models for polymeric composites, Support: Boeing Company, 2012-13, Currently: Assistant Professor (Michigan Tech Univ).
3. Dr. Arunabha Roy (Research Fellow, Recrystallization Modeling using Crystal Plasticity and Phase Field Methods, Support: UTRC/LIFT, ONR, 2017-19).
4. Dr. Pinar Acar (Research Fellow, 2017, Currently: Asst Professor at Virginia Tech).

Research Scientists:
1. Dr. Shiva Rudraraju (PRISMS Program staff, Co-developer of PRISMS plasticity code, 2015-16, Currently: Assistant Professor, Univ Wisconsin Madison).
2. Dr. Ali Ramazani (LIFT program, Multiscale modeling of advanced materials, 2016-18, Currently: Research Scientist, MIT).
3. Dr. Mohammadreza Yaghoobi (PRISMS program staff, Co-developer of PRISMS plasticity code, 2018-present).

Masters Students
1. Aswath Rangarajan, 2010.
2. Dominic Smith, 2009.
3. Stanford Goss, 2009.
4. Avinkrishnan Vijayachandran, 2014-2015.

Undergraduate Participants:
1. Vidur Kaushish, 2008.
2. Clayton McPherson, 2008.
3. Spencer Hockeborn, 2009.
4. Bingxin Xu, 2009
5. Weicheng Chin, 2009.
6. Ryan Pomeroy, 2010
7. Turner Noel, 2011.
8. Wei Jie Koe, 2010.
9. Richard Tourtellette, 2008.
10.Mohammad Islam, 2014.
11.Darshil Parikh, 2016
12.Ruilin Zhou. 2016.