Paleomagnetism, Structure and Tectonics Laboratories
University of Michigan
Department of Geological Sciences
2534 C.C. Little Building
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1063, USA
Dept. Office 734.764.1435
Structure Lab 734.647.2157
Paleomag Lab 734.763.2149 
Dept. Fax 734.763.4690
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The recently-renovated Paleomagnetism Lab houses a 2G three-axis cryogenic magnetometer, a Schonstedt spinner magnetometer, a Sapphire Instruments SI4 demagnetizer, an ASC model TD-48 thernal demagetizer, a Curie balance, and electromagnet capable of reaching 1.3 Tesla, a cryogenic magnet capable of reaching 0.6 T, and portable and laboratory drilling equipment.  In addition, it houses several SI2 and SI2B susceptibility meters and a KLY-2 Kappabridge.  The paleomagnetic laboratory includes a magnetically shielded room with a restfield of 200nT.  All equipment is computer-operated and connected through a Window95-based LAN.

The Structure Lab houses several research optical microcopes, including a Leitz Ortholux with photographic attachments, a dedicated Zeiss U-stage microscope with computer, and facilities for real-time, microscope-based deformation experiments of analogs.  In addition, a group of W95-based computers with printers, digitizer and scanner are available.  A high-resolution texture goniometer using an Enraf-Nonius single-crystal device is located in the nearby X-ray Lab.

The Department has access to in-house faciltities for electron microbeam analysis (microprobe, SEM, STEM with analytical capability), geochronologic facilities for all major isotopic systems, and extensive geochemical facilities.

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