Earth Structure:
An Introduction to Structural Geology and Tectonics

(2nd Edition)


Ben A. van der Pluijma and Stephen Marshakb

aUniversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI, bUniversity of Illinois, Urbana IL


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Table of Contents

Preface to 2nd Edition

A. Fundamentals

  1. Overview
  2. Primary and Nontectonic Structures
  3. Force and Stress
  4. Deformation and Strain
  5. Rheology

B. Brittle Structures

  1. Brittle Deformation Processes
  2. Joints and Veins
  3. Faults and Faulting

C. Ductile Structures

  1. Ductile Deformation Processes and Microstructures
  2. Folds and Folding
  3. Foliations and Lineations
  4. Ductile Shear Zones, Textures and Transposition
  5. Deformation, Metamorphism and Time

D. Tectonics

14.   Whole Earth Structure and Plate Tectonics

15.   Geophysics Frederick A. Cook

16.   Extension Tectonics

17.   Contraction Tectonics

18.   Fold-Thrust Belts - M. Scott Wilkerson

19.   Strike-Slip Tectonics

20.   Continental-Interior Tectonics

21.   Neotectonics Mark T. Brandon

E. Regional Geology

22.   A Global Perspective

23.   European Alps Stefan Schmid

24.   Tibetan Plateau Region Leigh H. Royden and B. Clark Burchfiel

25.   Altaids Celal Sengor

26.   North American Cordillera Elizabeth L. Miller

27.   Andes Richard W. Allmendinger and Teresa E. Jordan

28.   Appalachians James P. Hibbard

29.   Caledonides Kevin T. Pickering and Alan G. Smith

30.   Tasmanides David R. Gray

31.   Tectonic Genealogy of North America Paul F. Hoffman


Spherical Projections

Geologic Time Scale





May 18, 2001