Join the lab

If you are interested in joining our group, please contact Vincent Denef.

Undergraduate Students

We encourage undergraduate students interested in environmental microbiology and bioinformatics to contact us to discuss potential projects in our laboratory. While we will train you in the specific methods needed, we expect you to have acquired basic skills in molecular biology and microbiology through courses or previous research experience. We aim to have undergraduate researchers develop independent projects within the context of our ongoing research projects. Several opportunities exist to take research for credit (e.g. EEB300, EEB400). We generally offer opportunities through the University of Michigan's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) and programs through the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology's programs. Vincent Denef is also a mentor for the Program in Biology's Beckman Fellows program.

Graduate Students

Students interested in pursuing a Masters or PhD in our group should apply to The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology's Graduate Program. Microbial (Evolutionary) Ecology has developed from the field of Microbiology, not Ecology, and therefore has often been criticized to lack a solid theoretical foundation. I envision my graduate students to become part of the next generation of microbial ecologists, with a solid foundation in ecology and evolution built by being part of an EEB program. While researchers with a microbial focus are in the minority in our Department relative to for example a traditional microbiology department, a strong interest and appreciation for our field exists among our faculty and the presence of the Center for Microbial Systems at UM provides the critical microbe-focused mass for intellectual, practical, and logistical exchange. The EEB PhD program offers a competitive funding package, and while the Traditional Masters program does not offer a guaranteed funding package to cover tuition costs and a stipend, funding opportunities through teaching positions or fellowships (e.g., Dow Sustainability Fellows) exist. In addition, the Center for Microbial Systems offers fellowships through the Integrated Training in Microbial Systems Training Grant

Post-doctoral Scholars

We currently have no funded positions available but are happy to work with you to obtain funding through internal or external sources. Some examples include: