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    Lindsay White
     Ph.D. Candidate

Email: linwhiteATumich.edu
     Phone: (734) 647-9708

     B.S. Biochemistry, University of Northern Colorado, 2006

Research Activities:

Topic Area: 
Antibody Targeted Delivery of siRNA Therapy

The treatment of cancer is often hindered by the lack of therapeutic specificity toward the tumor tissue which results in drug toxicity.  The goal of my project is to investigate a systemically administered antibody targeted siRNA delivery system. This delivery system is composed of three components that will combine antibody targeting, prodrug type activation, and a tumor specific siRNA as the drug.  The system will be targeted with a tumor specific antibody to enable accumulation at the tumor site or even metastatic sites.  The prodrug feature is necessary to promote siRNA entry into the cell.  Once the siRNA enters the cell it will knock down a specific mRNA.

Colorectal cancer will be used as a model where the targeting antibody will be against Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEACAM5) and the siRNA will knockdown the oncogene K-Ras.  CEACAM5, a non-receptor target, is overexpressed and aberrantly expressed in colorectal cancer.  This expression should allow the system to accumulate in the tumor due to the leaky vasculature known to exist in tumors.  K-Ras is often mutated in cancers, including colorectal cancer, which makes it a good target for siRNA therapy. The siRNA will be carried into the cell using a cell penetrating peptide called Low Molecular Weight Protamine (LMWP) developed in the Yang lab.  For initial studies, siRNA will be against a reporter gene so that the knockdown can be monitored visually.  After synthesizing the delivery system, its efficacy and specificity will be tested in vitro and in vivo.

Recent Honors:

American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education Pre-Doctoral Fellowship
Pharmaceutical Sciences Training Program Fellowship
Fred W. Lyons Fellowship
Warner-Lambert/Parke-Davis Fellowship
Chhotubhai and Savitabel Patel Fellowship


Brief Biography:

Lindsay grew up in rural eastern Colorado and attended undergrad in Colorado before moving to Ann Arbor for graduate school.  When not pursuing pharmaceutics, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, listening to music, playing cards, and reading.   Because she loves skiing the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado, she hopes to one day own a cabin there to enjoy during vacations.