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    Cheol Moon, Ph.D.
     Research Fellow

Email: cheolmATumich.edu
     Phone: (734) 936-4901

     Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Michigan, 2006
     M.S. Pharmacy, Seoul National University, 1995
     B.S. Manufacturing Pharmacy, Seoul National University, 1993

Research Activities:

Topic Area: Drug Delivery with Low Molecular Weight Protamine

Many anti-cancer drugs which are successful in vitro may not be effective in vivo due to their physicochemical properties or unpredictable toxicity. The goal of our study is to enhance permeation and retention, reduce multi-drug resistance, as well as improve drug properties. Our proposed novel drug delivery system includes all desirable features of a drug delivery system including prodrug approach and potent uptake mechanism for achieving ideal drug therapy and targeting.

Recent Honors:

Pfizer Fellowship in Pharmaceutics


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C. Moon, Y. M. Kwon, W. K. Lee, Y. J. Park, and V. C. Yang, ''In vitro assessment of a novel polyrotaxane-based drug delivery system integrated with a cell-penetrating peptide.'' J. Control. Release 2007. in Press

Y. J. Park, L. C. Chang, J. F. Liang, C. Moon, C. P. Chung and V. C. Yang (2005) : Nontoxic membrane translocation peptide from protamine, low molecular weight protamine (LMWP), for enhanced intracellular protein delivery: in vitro and in vivo study. FASEB J. 19(11):1555-1557.


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C. Moon, W. K. Lee, Y.M. Kwon, and V. C. Yang, ''Anti-Cancer Drug Carrier System Based on Polyrotaxane-Drug Conjugate for Potential Tumor Therapy.'' AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition. San Antonio, TX, Oct. 29-Nov. 2, 2006

C. Moon, W. K. Lee, Y. J. Park, and V. C. Yang, ''Construction and in vitro characterization of novel drug delivery system based on polymer-bound protein transduction domain for potential cancer therapy.'' AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition. Nashville, TN, Nov. 6-10, 2005

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J. Ryoo and C. Moon, ''A new transdermal formulation of salbutamol having dual percutaneous enhancers.'' AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition. New Orleans, LA, Nov.14 -18, 1999

Brief Biography:

Cheol was born in Jeonju, the hometown of BiBimBap, South Korea. He likes to cook Korean food and vacation with his family. His favorite place in Ann Arbor is the Nichols Arboretum.