1. OFDM Frequency Scanning Radar (Patent, License it)
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  1. An Analog RF MEMS Slotline True-Time-Delay Phase Shifter (Paper)
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  5. A W-Band Waveguide Fabricated Using Selective Laser Melting
    Accepted for publication in the Wiley Microwave and Optical Technology Letters



  1. A 94 GHz Slotted Waveguide for OFDM Frequency Scanning Radar

  2. A High-Power X-Band Differential RF MEMS SPST Switch



  1. NF2FF (Link): NF2FF is a planar near field to far field transformation for near field antenna measurement setups.

  2. rfMaxima (Link): rfMaxima is an RF toolbox for the wxMaxima computer algebra system. rfMaxima allows for symbolic derivation, as well as numerical evaluation (incl. Bode and Smith chart plotting), of 2-port network (ABCD, G, InverseABCD, H, S, Y, and Z), noise and stability parameters. Derivations are based on the solution of the set of Kirchoff current and voltage law equations representing the 2-port. Expressions can be exported to HTML or TeX. Figures can be exported to EPS or PNG.

    1. ABCD and S matrix of a lossy transmission line (Link)

    2. Amplitude-frequency hysteresis in flexural-mode vibrating RF MEMS resonators (Link)

    3. AT-cut quartz resonator notebook (Link)

    4. Butterworth filter design (Link)

    5. Class-D power amplifier notebook (Link)

    6. Constant-k section analysis (Link)

    7. Gm-C filter design (Link)

    8. FBAR notebook (Link)

    9. MESFET notebook (Link)

    10. Equivalent input noise generators (Link)

    11. Offset analysis (Link)

    12. RF CMOS SPST switch notebook (Link)

    13. Capacitive fixed-fixed beam RF MEMS SPST switch notebook (Link)

    14. Smith chart plotting (Link)

    15. Waveguide loss (TE10 mode) notebook (Link)

  3. Verilog-A RF MEMS Models (Link): The Verilog-AMS models can be used with SPICE solvers for DC, small-signal (AC, S-parameters (SP)) and large-signal (harmonic balance (HB), periodic steady-state (PSS), quasi-periodic steady-state (QPSS)) simulation of analog/RF circuits based on RF MEMS components.

    1. Fixed-fixed beam RF MEMS capacitive switch, switched capacitor or varactor (AEL, VA)

    2. Fixed-fixed beam RF MEMS resonator (AEL, VA)

    3. Free-free beam RF MEMS resonator (AEL, VA)

    4. Ohmic cantilever RF MEMS switch (AEL, VA)

    5. Reference oscillator (MEMSXO) based on the fixed-fixed beam RF MEMS resonator (SCS, PNG)



  1. RF MEMS for Radar
    Presented at the IEEE Radar Conference, Washington D.C., May 2010

  2. Electronically Scanned Reflectarrays
    Presented at the European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP), Rome, Italy, April 2011

  3. Compact Modeling of Resonators and Oscillators using Verilog-A
    Presented at the IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium (IFCS), Baltimore, MD, May 2012