Post Doctoral Researchers Supervised - A. Galip Ulsoy

(33) Ahmet Kırlı, "A Steer-By-Wire Safety Strategy for Total Actuator Failure," 9/16-8/17.

(32) Masato Ishii, "Energy-Efficient Robot Maneuver Optimization," 8/4/14-9/26/14.

(31) Azad Ghaffari, "Plug-and-Play Controller Design and Experimental Validation," 6/1/14-9/15/16.

(30) Süleyman Murat Bağdatlı, "Design of Passive Vibration Absorbers via Control Design Methods," Co-supervised by C. Okwudire, 6/1/13-8/31/13.

(29) Shiming Duan, "Modular Controller Design and Time Delay Systems," 8/20/11-11/12/11.

(28) Wang Yuefei, "Experimental Evaluation of Swapping Modularity in Controller Design," Co-supervised by I. Kolmanovsky, 2/10/11-3/10/12.

(27) Diane Peters, "Design and Control of Mechanical Systems," Co-supervised by P.Y. Papalambros, 1/1/10-7/1/10.

(26) Brandon Moore, "Thermal Management for UGVs," Co-supervised with D.M. Tilbury, 9/1/09-8/31/10.

(25) Jaspreet S. Dhupia, "Parametric Excitation in Time Delayed Systems," 1/1/07-6/31/08.

(24) Bartosz S. Powalka, "Nonlinear Dynamic Characterization of Machine Tool Joints," 4/05-12/06.

(23) H.S. Cho, Visiting Professor, "Sensing and Control of Manufacturing Systems," 10/03-9/04.

(22) C.W. Lee, Visiting Professor, "Dynamics, Vibrations, and Control," 1/03-12/03.

(21) R. Rajamani, "Automotive Control Systems," 10/02-12/02.

(20) K. Yaguchi, Visiting Scholar, "Vibration Isolation," 9/99-8/00.

(19) Ahmet Yigit, Visiting Scholar, "Machine Tool Vibrations," 8/99-7/00.

(18) Elzbieta Jarzebowska, "Dynamic Modeling and Stability of Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems," 1/98-12/98.

(17) Byeong Hee Kim, Visiting Scholar, "Reconfigurable Machining Systems," 1/98-12/98.

(16) Yun-Jae Won, Visiting Scholar, "Reconfigurable Machining Systems," 7/97-6/98.

(15) Robert Landers, Post Doctoral Resarcher and Assistant Research Scientist, "Supervisory Control of Machine Tools," 5/97-4/00.

(14) Moses Mehrabi, Post Doctoral Researcher and Assistant Research Scientist, "Reconfigurable Machining Systems,"1/97-12/00.

(13) Foued BenAmara, Post Doctoral Researcher, "Adaptive Disturbance Rejection," 1/97-12/97.

(12) Mehmet Pakdemirli, Visiting Scholar, "Perturbation Analysis of Axially Moving Elastic Systems," 2/96-7/97.

(11) David LeBlanc, Post Doctoral Researcher, "Crewman's Associate for Path Control," 7/94-4/97.

(10) Yansong Shan, Assistant Research Scientist, "A Hierarchical Controller for Real-Time Quality Assurance in Machining," 1/94-12/94.

(9) Zbigniew Pasek, Post Doctoral Researcher and Operations Manager, "Flexible Line Boring, Hierarchical Control of Machine Tools, and Reconfigurable Machining Systems" 8/93-7/98.

(8) Kunsoo Huh, Post Doctoral Researcher, "Lateral Control of Vehicles," 9/92-2/93.

(7) Sheng-Jiaw Hwang, Post Doctoral Researcher, "Automotive Serpentine Belt Drive Dynamics," 10/91-8/92.

(6) Jongjin Park, Post Doctoral Researcher, "Process Simulation and Inspection Based Process Control in Turning," 5/90-12/90.

(5) Ahmet Yigit, Post Doctoral Researcher and Lecturer, "Control of Rigid-Flexible Multibody Systems," 5/98-12/98.

(4) Kourosh Danai, Post Doctoral Researcher, "Force Measurements in Turning," 5/86-12/86.

(3) Chong-Won Lee, Visiting Scholar, "Dynamics of Rotating Shafts Subject to Moving Loads," 8/84-7/85.

(2) Jiang-Guang Lun, Visiting Scholar, "Computer Controlled Systems," 1/83-5/83.

(1) Yi-Ping Chen, Visiting Scholar, "Automation of Manufacturing Processes," 1/81-5/82.

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