Expository Articles, Talks, Notes, and Creative Writing

Expository Articles

Measuring Gender Representation on Editorial Boards in the Mathematical Sciences, with Andrew J. Bernoff.
Beyond the Black Box, with Jeroen Demeyer and William Stein.
Appeared in the Notices of the AMS.
Making a Hash of Things, with Adam A. Smith.
Math Horizons, November 2015.
Reflexive polytopes and lattice-polarized K3 surfaces
Calabi-Yau Varieties: Arithmetic, Geometry, and Physics, Fields Institute Monographs.
From Polygons to String Theory, with Charles Doran.
Appeared in Mathematics Magazine, December 2012.
Awarded the 2015 Merten Hasse Prize for exposition.


Selected slides or video from talks.

Mirror, Mirror: String Theory and Pairs of Polyhedra
Slides from a Science at the Edge talk.
Mirror, Mirror: String Theory and Pairs of Polyhedra
Video of a talk at Madison Area Technical College.
K3 Surfaces with S4 Symmetry (Advanced Version)
Number Theory and Physics at the Crossroads, Banff International Research Station, May 2011
K3 Surfaces with S4 Symmetry
Valley Geometry Seminar, November 2010
Polytopes, Polynomials, and String Theory
Mathfest, August 2010
Mirror Symmetry Through Reflexive Polytopes: Physical and Mathematical Dualities
Bard College Colloquium, October 2010

Creative Writing and Mathematical Culture

Women in STEM on a Spaceship
Essay on Mass Effect and women in STEM. Appeared in the AWM's Media Column, September-October 2014.
Confidence Interval
A poem about estimating probabilities. All characters and numbers are invented.
Math Anxiety and Gym Class, or How Teaching Math Led Me to Scale High Walls
Appeared in Math Horizons, November 2011.
"Boundary Conditions"
A poem about Sophie Germain. Appeared in The College Mathematics Journal, January 2011.


Toric Varieties and Lattice Polytopes
Fibration Example


My reviews for Mathematical Reviews (MathSciNet)
Gravity, Strings, and Particles, MAA Reviews, November 2015.
War Games: A History of War on Paper, MAA Reviews, August 2014.
Points and Lines: Characterizing the Classical Geometries, MAA Reviews, July 2012.
Number Theory in Science and Communication, MAA Reviews, March 2011.

Ursula Whitcher