"Some Experimental Nuclear Physics Research"


U of M's 7-Tesla 'BigSol' superconducting solenoid magnet at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL) at MSU (now being moved to Texas A&M Cyclotron Institute). I developed the 'BigSol-spectrometer' device with collaborators from UM Physics, and the NSCL at MSU to search for new, exotic neutron-rich isotopes.

The reaction used was 13654Xe+54 fragmented in a thick (114 mg/cm2) nat.C target at a beam energy of 30 MeV/nucleon (i.e. 4 GeV total kinetic energy).

Over 200 separate isotopes were collected and identified in each experimental run, several of which had never been produced before.

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