Talks, Presentations, and Outreach

* Indicates presenter


  1. AdvPose: Generating Adversarial Scenes via Object Pose Perturbation
    *Nowak, Theodore S., and Slyman, Eric P.
    Podium Presentation at MLCon
  2. Combating Emerging Threats in the Maritime Domain through Advancements in Sensing and Autonomy
    *Nowak, Theodore S., *Doster, Timothy, Drazen, David, Jones, Anthony, and Bonanno, David
    Panel at MLCon
  3. An Overview of PNNL and Maritime AI
    *Nowak, Theodore S.
    Public Outreach at Military Officer’s Association of America
  4. An Overview of PNNL and Maritime AI
    *Nowak, Theodore S.
    Public Outreach at John Wayne Marina Yacht Club


  1. AI Camp: Introduction to AI
    *Nowak, Theodore S.
    Invited Talk at NNSA AI Camp Workshop at Sandia National Lab


  1. Adversarial Machine Learning Beyond the Pixel-Verse
    Nowak, Theodore S., Tuor, Aaron, Nichols, Nicole, and Jasper, Robert
    Workshop at SIAM Mathematics for Data Science
  2. Deep Learning with LiDAR and its Vulnerabilities
    *Nowak, Theodore S.
    Invited Talk at University of Maine iLunch Speaker Series


  1. Detecting Illicit Fishing Activity by Combining Open Source Data
    *Pazdernik, Karl, Matzner, Shari, Charles, Lauren, and Nowak, Theodore S.
    Podium Presentation at Joint Statisticals Meetings
  2. Intern Mobile App Competition: Machine Learning for Disease Forecasting
    Pazdernik, Karl, Farber, Daniel H., Brayfindley, Eva, Nowak, Theodore S., Wright, Devin P., Huang, Z., and Charles, Lauren E.
    Podium Presentation at Chemical and Biological Defense Science and Technology
  3. What is Deep Learning?
    *Nowak, Theodore S.
    Public Outreach at University of Washington CS Open House


  1. Deep Net Triage: Assessing the Criticality of Network Layers by Structural Compression
    *Nowak, Theodore S., and Corso, Jason
    Poster Presentation at Midwest Computer Vision Workshop