Theodore Nowak

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My name is Theodore Nowak and I am a current M.S. Robotics student at the University of Michigan. I am a Graduate Student Researcher in Dr. Jason J. Corso's Computer Vision group; the Graduate Student Instructor for the Graduate Robotics Systems Lab course (ROB 550); and the Graduate Student Advisory Council representative for the Robotics Department.

My current research focuses Deep Network Compression as a means to understand structure in Deep Networks, but more generally I am interested in the intersection of Machine Learning and Robotics systems in unconstrained environments. While I have a strong and mixed background in engineering, robotic systems, and applied computer vision and learning, I am interested in deepening my understanding of Machine Learning from a Statistical perspective and furthering my studies in Probabilistic Learning.

My personal hobbies include soccer, backpacking, and trail-running. I also have a strong interest in all things connected, complex, and organic: whether it's the blending of cultures, geopolitics, or environmental cycles. I manifest this interest by traveling extensively and unwinding in the awe of nature. To aid in these pursuits I have studied Spanish and German, and hope to add Arabic and Russian to that list.

Looking forward to a Ph.D. I hope to find a happy medium between my hobbies and studies whether its by applying robotic learning to dirty, wild unconstrained natural environments, or statistical learning to policy, public health, or geographic data sets. I'd like to be able to spend 3/4ths of my time developing models for learning these complex systems, and 1/4th of my time out in the woods, waters, and world testing these systems. In addition to enjoying such experiences, I believe that without that first hand experience in the world a sense of meaning and importance is lost.

For fun I have pursued many side projects, and this site is meant to serve as a means for me to organize and release what I have worked on. For further information about my personal projects, work, and interests, feel free to check out the rest of my website. Welcome!