Room 4121

1301 Beal Avenue

Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109

I’m a computer scientist and electrical engineer with a passion for Machine Learning in the wild. I believe in pursuing ways to leverage real-world data to benefit the common man and preserve the environment. Whether it’s by developing conservationist autonomous, underwater robots, building a reliable and valuable everyday, data-driven tool, or by finding life-saving trends in patient data, Machine Learning belongs in the wild.

Outside of these lofty pursuits, I play soccer, trail run, backpack, and orienteer.

Recently, I have worked in Jason Corso’s computer vision lab as a Graduate Student Research Assistant (GSRA), and as a Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) co-teaching the Graduate Robotics Systems course (ROB-550) with Ella Atkins, Peter Gaskell, and Shai Revzen. Prior, I worked as a Lab Engineer in Jason Corso’s lab.

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