Theodore S. Nowak

Data Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Marine and Coastal Research Lab

Sequim, Washington 98382

about me

My name is Theodore Nowak and I’m a Roboticist and Machine Learning researcher with a passion for the outdoors, foreign policy, and medicine. I want to use the tools studying AI has conferred to improve the human condition. Whether it’s promoting human inspiration – through outdoor exploration and historical conservation – or human well being – via natural conservation and social equality – I’m interested in using the bleeding edge of technological innovation to solve human problems.

To make meaningful change, I believe in interdisciplinary teams and diverse experience. While I’ve focused on Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Robotics, I’ve studied or minored in Public Policy, AI Ethics, Spanish, History, Medicine, and Physics. Outside of work, I find my best self out in nature, while traveling the world, and during discussions with close friends.


I describe myself as a full-stack AI researcher (aka Roboticist) with the knowledge and ability to go from mechanical and electrical hardware, to firmware, low-level code, scripts, and theory, all the way to AI Ethical assessment. Throughout my career I’ve flexed these muscles on a variety of research questions and projects.

Currently, my professional research and committments revolve around the following:

  • Maritime Robotics and Computer Vision
  • Multi-Camera Stereo, Structure from Motion, and 3D Reconstruction
  • Real-world 3D Adversarial Example Generation
  • AI Ethics Standard Development and Certification (IEEE P700x, IEEE ECPAIS, IEEE Ethical Certification)
  • Research Scuba Diver


Aug 21, 2022 I’ve started working as a diver on our research scuba dive team!
Jan 10, 2022 I’m helping procure a SeaRobotics ASV for research at PNNL Sequim. More awesome research with it soon to come!
Oct 15, 2021 I’ve moved to PNNL’s Marine and Coastal Research Lab (MCRL) in Sequim, WA to help build a Maritime AI and Robotics research group!