Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Richland, Washington 99354


My name is Theodore Nowak and I’m a Roboticist and Computer Scientist with a passion for the outdoors, foreign policy, and medicine. I want to use the tools studying Engineering has conferred to solve human problems. Whether it’s promoting human inspiration – through outdoor exploration and historical conservation – or human well being – via natural conservation and social equality – I’m interested in using technological innovation to solve human problems.

To make meaningful change, I believe in interdisciplinary teams and diverse experience. While I’ve focused on Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Robotics, I’ve studied or minored in Policy, Ethics, Spanish, History, Medicine, and Physics, and I find my best self out in nature while trail running, orienteering, sailing, or backpacking.

As a Roboticist and Computer Scientist I have worked in Jason Corso’s Computer Vision lab as a Graduate Student Research Assistant (GSRA), and with Ella Atkins, Peter Gaskell, and Shai Revzen as a Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) co-teaching the Graduate Robotics Systems course (ROB-550) at the University of Michigan. Prior, I worked as a Lab Engineer in Jason Corso’s lab and completed a B.S. in Electrical Engineering at Case Western Reserve University. In my time there I worked as a Teaching Assistant teaching Introduction to Circuits and Instrumentation (ENGR 210), a researcher in the Case Neural Engineering Center, and as a member of the CWRU Baja Team.

To better understand the world and how to best influence it I’ve studied Robotic Ethics and Science and Technology Public Policy during my Masters, and minored in Spanish and studied Middle Eastern history during my Undergraduate.

And to pursue my interests in Medicine, stemming from a desire to help those in the greatest need, I’ve taken over a year of Physiology and Biomedical engineering courses, a course in Alternative Medicine, and completed certifications in First Aid, CPR, AED, and Wilderness First Aid.

Now that you know a little bit about me and my interests, welcome to my website!

Link to my resume