Spanish 410 (Meets with: Romance Linguistics 410) Tuesday/Thursday lecture 10am-11.30am

SPANISH 410 is a post-introductory course on analytical and practical study of contemporary Spanish pronunciation (phonetics and phonology). The overall objective is to bring an understanding of the phonetic features of Spanish sounds and how these sounds interact (phonology) forming syllables, words, sentences and discourse. Furthermore, students in this class are encouraged to develop good auditory perception of the Spanish sounds as they study various dialects of Spanish. Students are expected to understand and use the notions of phonetics and phonology discussed in class, which build from the prerequisite course, SPANISH 330 (or equivalent coursework). REQUIRED TEXT: Guitart, Jorge. (2004). Sonido y sentido (con audio CD). Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press.


Spanish 487 Tuesday/Thursday lecture 1pm-2.30pm

The African slave trade, beginning in the 15th century, brought African languages into contact with Spanish and Portuguese, resulting in the Africans' gradual acquisition of these languages. In this seminar, we will examine the major forms of Afro-Hispanic language found in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin American over the last 500 years. We will discuss pronunciation, morphology, and syntax, with an eye to separating legitimate forms of Afro-Hispanic expression from those that are the result of racist stereotyping. We will explore how contact with the African diaspora has had a permanent impact on contemporary Spanish. A principal question to be addressed is the possibility that Spanish, in contact with speakers of African Languages, may have been considerably restructured and even creolized in the Caribbean and perhaps elsewhere-permanently affecting regional and social varieties of Spanish today. REQUIRED TEXT:: Lipski, John. (2005). A History of Afro-Hispanic Language. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.