Job Market Paper

The Effect of Information Disclosure on Physician Payments. [link]
With S.Sriram and P. Manchanda. R & R.

Publication & Working Papers

“Let the sun shine in”: The Impact of Industry Payment Disclosure on Physician Prescription Behavior. [link]
With S. Sriram and P. Manchanda. Forthcoming at Marketing Science .

Are People Overoptimistic about the Effects of Heavy Drinking? [link]
With F. A. Sloan, L. M. Eldred, and Y. Xu. Published on Journal of Risk and Uncertainty 2013, 47(1), 93-127.

Reaching for Gold: Frequent-Flyer Status Incentives and Moral Hazard. [link]
With Y. Orhun. Under Review.

Media Mentions

Are disclosure laws the cure for conflicts created by pharma payments to physicians? [link]
Michigan News. February 6, 2019.

Doctors Write Fewer Prescriptions When Laws Reveal How Much Money Drug Companies Give Them. [link]
International Business Times. June 28, 2017.

Doctors Write fewer Prescriptions after Sunshine Laws Reveal Drug Company Payments. [link]
Michigan News. June 21, 2017.

Doctors Write Fewer Prescriptions, Move to Generics After Sunshine Laws Reveal Drug Company Payments. [link] Ross Thought In Action. June 21, 2017.