Thomas J. Armstrong
University of Michigan
College of Engineering


Biographical information:

  • Telephone: (734) 763-3742
  • FAX: (734) 764-3451
  • E-mail:
  • G656 IOE Building, 1205 Beal Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2117
  • Job/task analysis and design
  • Biomechanical aspects of manual work, gait, climbing and tool design.
  • Ergonomic aspects of disability
  • Control of work-related musculoskeletal disorders of the hand and wrist, e.g., fatigue, tendinitis, & carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Selected publications


Professional Societies Scientific Journals

Some Ergonomic Assessment Tools:

  • Basic Ergonomics Model
  • Job/Task Analysis
  • Asking questions
  • Text Entry Time Exercise
  • Reaction Time Exercise
  • Time Study Procedures
  • Time Study Web App
  • Video Annotation Web App
  • Body links & Reach Limits Web App
  • SketchUp: Work Layout
  • AutoCAD: Work Layout
  • Strength Demands & Capacities
  • Localized Fatigue
  • Work Energy Demands, Physical Work Capacity, and fatigue
  • U of M Static Strength Prediction ProgramTM
  • 3D SSPP demo app
  • Health Statistics

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics -- access latest data on musculoskeletal disorders
  • National Health Survey Statistics
  • Some Work Design Resources

  • Van Cott HP, Kinkade RG, editors. Human engineering guide to equipment design. Department of Defense; 1972.
  • Anthropometric source book. Volume 1: Anthropometry for designers
  • Anthropometric source book. Volume 2: A handbook of anthropometric data
  • Anthropometric source book. Volume 3: Annotated bibliography of anthropometry
  • 2012 Anthropometric survey of U.S. Army personnel: methods and summary statistics
  • Wagner, D., Birt, J. A., Snyder, M. D., & Duncanson, J. P. (1996). Human factors design guide for acquisition of commercial-off-the-shelf subsystems, non-developmental items, and developmental systems (No. DOT/FAA/CT-96/1).

    Ergo Guidelines

  • NIOSH Ergonomics
  • DOL OSHA Ergonomics
  • NIH DOHS Ergonomics: Offices/Labs/Patient Care
  • NIH DOHS Computer Workstation Ergonomics: Self-Assessment Checklist
  • NIH DOHS Office Ergonomics: Exercises and Stretches
  • FDA Medical Device Ergonomics
  • Job Accommodation Network
  • National Rehabilitation Information Center
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities (ADAAG)
  • World Wide Web consortium, W3C
  • Other Resources

  • FAR PART 61 - Certification: Pilots, Flight Instructors, and Ground Instructors
  • FAR PART 91 - General Operating and Flight Rules
  • Aeronautical Information Manual Official Guide to Basic Flight Information and ATC Procedures
  • FAA Advisory Circulars (ACs) AC Search
  • NTSB Aviation Accident Database & Synopses
  • 1800wxbrief
  • Skyvector
  • FightAware: Real-time Worldwide Flight Traffic
  • Convert HTML to PDF
  • U Mich Resources

  • U of Michigan Human Resources Health and Well-Being
  • U of M Department of (Campus) Environmental Health
  • College of Engineering Safety Committee
  • Michigan Engineering Resources Planning and Management
  • U of M library
  • U of M Staff Directory