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Reviews for The House on Diamond Hill

The Journal of the North Carolina Association of Historians

Cherokee One Feather


Southern Cultures

Ethnic and Racial Studies (UK)

Southern Historian

The Red and the Black: African Americans and Cherokees in Antebellum America

“Slave Was on Her Own Mission”

Library Journal, Xpress Reviews

CHOICE: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries

The American Historical Review

The Public Historian

The Journal of Southern History

Reviews for Ties That Bind

DuWayne Smith, Indian Country Today

Lisa Arrastia, XCP: Cross Cultural Poetics

David Chang, “Claiming Kin,” American Quarterly

Eva Marie Garroutte, Journal of Anthropological Research

Harold Hinds, Jr., NGS NewsMagazine

Joshua Piker, “Race, Slavery, and a Cherokee Family,” H-AmIndian

Christina Snyder, American Indian Culture and Research Journal

Reviews for Crossing Waters, Crossing Worlds

The Journal of American History

American Literature

American Indian Culture and Research Journal

The Western Historical Quarterly

Review by Joshua Piker, University of Oklahoma

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