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Feminist Personal Essays

"Obama and Big History," Michigan Quarterly Review (Summer 2009).

"The Black Mother Within: Notes on Feminism and the Classroom," Black Women, Gender, and Families 2:2 (fall 2008).

"Speckled Birds," Journal of Interdenominational Theological Center, Special Issue: Perspectives on Womanist Theology 22:2 (fall 1995): 249-253.

"Murky Waters," Women and Language 18:1 (spring 1995): 21-22.

“Boundary Waters,” Sistersong: Women Across Cultures 3:1 (spring 1995): 47-55.

"Lessons from a Young Feminist Collective," Listen Up: Voices of the Next Feminist Generation. ed., Barbara Findlen (Seattle: Seal Press, 1995): 167-176. Republished as "On the Rag," Ms. magazine (May-June 1995).

"The Straight and Narrow," co-authored with Keiko Morris, Testimony: Young African Americans on Self-Discovery and Black Identity, ed., Natasha Tarpley (Boston: Beacon Press, 1995): 236-241.

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