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"Questioning Black Religious Faith" Huffington Post. Published April  7, 2015.

"Old Mountains" Tiya's commentary on the play Cherokee by Lisa D’Amour on Medium. Published January 26, 2015.

“Baby Showers, Now and Then”. A guest blog post by Tiya on the Huffington Post. Published June 2014.

Guest post on Historians Against Slavery. Historians Against Slavery. Published January 2014.

"Opinion: Black Americans must embrace true colors." A CNN opinion piece.

"Opinion: Why focus on Gabby Douglas' hair?" An opinion piece written by Tiya for CNN.

“Pain of 'Trail of Tears' shared by Blacks as well as Native Americans”. A guest blog post by Tiya for CNN's In America. Published February 2012.

“An Emergency Manager Would Put Belle Isle at Risk”. A guest blog post by Tiya on the Huffington Post. Published January 2012.

“Why the Freedmen Fight”. An essay contributed by Tiya to The New York Times' "Room for Debate" feature that explored whether the Cherokee Nation's expulsion of black Freedmen was an act of tribal sovereignty or racial discrimination. Published in the New York Times, September 2011.

“We Are Standing on Beatiful History”. A guest post by Tiya on the UNC Press Blog. Published August 2010.

“Georgia’s historic sites need funds”: an editorial written by Tiya on the need to preserve Native American historic sites in Georgia. Published in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, July 2010.

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