Sarah Thomason's Online Papers


  •  Hypothesis generation vs. hypothesis testing: a comparison between Greenberg's classifications in Africa and in the Americas  Written for the proceedings volume of the 1990 "Greenberg Conference", but that volume never appeared.
  •  On the unpredictability of contact effects   In Estudios de Sociolinguistica 1.1:173-182, 2000.
  •  Linguistic areas and language history   In Dicky Gilbers, John Nerbonne, and Jos Schaeken, eds.,
       Languages in Contact (Amsterdam: Rodopi), 311-327, 2000.
  •  Contact-induced typological change   In Martin Haspelmath, Ekkehard Koenig, Wulf Oesterreicher,
       and Wolfgang Raible, eds., Language typology and language universals, Sprachtypologie und
       sprachliche Universalien: An international handbook (Berlin & New York: Walter de Gruyter), 1640-1648, 2001. 
  •  Truncation in Montana Salish (with Lucy Thomason)  In Donna B. Gerdts & Lisa Matthewson, eds., Studies in Salish linguistics in honor of M. Dale Kinkade (Missoula: UMOPL-Linguistics Laboratory, University of Montana) 354-376, 2004.
  •  Chinook Jargon  In Philipp Strazny, ed. Encyclopedia of linguistics (New York: Routledge), 2004.
  •  Pronoun borrowing  Berkeley Linguistics Society 27:301-315, 2005.
  •  Salishan languages   In Keith Brown, ed., Encyclopedia of language and linguistics, 2nd edn. (Oxford: Elsevier), vol. 10:732-734, 2006. 
  •  Qeyqeyshi's marriage   In M. Terry Thompson & Steven M. Egesdal, eds., One people's stories: a collection of Salishan myths and legends (University of Nebraska Press), in press. 
  •  Can rules be borrowed?   In press in a Festschrift for Terry Kaufman. 
  •  Xenoglossy   In Gordon Stein, ed., The encyclopedia of the paranormal (Prometheus Books), 835-844, 1996.