Religious Legend Of The Sand Dollar

Legend of the Sand Dollar
The Holy Ghost Shell

Shell with Doves

The sand dollar is a favorite collectable for many beach combers. Many people enjoy collecting sand dollars for various reasons. Some of these reasons might include: What people may not realize is that the sand dollar has a religious legend associated with it. *The Sand Dollar or sometimes called "Holy Ghost Shell", has markings on the shell that symbolize the Birth, Crucifixion, and Resurrection of Christ.

*On the top of the shell, you can see what appears to be an outline of the Easter Lily. At the center of the Lily is a five pointed Star that represents the Star of Bethlehem. The five narrow openings are representative of the four nail holes and the spear wound made in the body of Christ during the crucifiction.

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*On the back of the shell is what looks to be the outline of the Christmas Poinsettia.

Large SandDollar Backside Small SandDollar Backside

*When broken, inside the shell are five little bird looking shells called the, "Doves of Peace". Some say that they are the angels that sang to the shepards on the first Christmas morning.

Doves of Peace picture

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Whether you believe in the religious legend of the sand dollar, or have a conchologist interest in them, I think you'll agree there's something special about these shells.

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Photos by T. Holiday
*Some information courtesy of Seminole Post Cards.