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Welcome! (224k)
Ok beginners! (160k)
Grubs again... (96k)
Sandlewood incense (160)

Abraham Lincoln didn't die in vain... (176k)
He's no fun... (64k)
What have you done for ME lately? (32k)

Tapping the line (336k)
May I see your passport? (64k)
Beat the Reaper! (256k)

He walks again by night... (80k)
How did you get in? (160k)
Where are all the Doggies? (208k)
Dangerous Phone Call (240k)
Rocky Rococo (112k)
Everyone knew her as Nancy (48k)
What about my pickle? (80k)
Stop slapping me! (240k)
Not Bluffing (320k)
Still no fun. (48k)
I'd like to order a pizza... (48k)
Spreadeagled... (176k)
Who's that dwarf? (128k)

Holygram. (496k)

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