This is by no means a full list of all of the fine comics available online. These are just the ones that happen to appeal to me right now.

Daily Syndicated
  • Doonesbury
    An old standard, mixes politcal commentary and humor with a vast cast of characters. As of the end of October 2000, there is a comprehensive archive of the full THIRTY YEAR run. Awesome! The site says it requires flash, but it's been working fine without it for me.
Daily Independant
  • Bruno
    Awesome artwork, great characters, extended plot and a full archive! In many ways the best cartoon strip on line. Not always funny, in much the same way that life is not always funny. Occasional adult themes may make this unsuitable for younger readers.
  • Bruno the Bandit
    Very good artwork, semi-episodic plot lines and a full archive, indexed by plot. Almost always funny, and suitable for practically anyone.
  • Kevin and Kell
    Professional quality online comic by a professional comic strip artist. Full archive available via FTP, which helps to make sense of the rather large cast of characters. Extended plot elements can sometimes show up again too, so it's well worth reading through them. Suitable for all ages.
  • Sluggy Freelance
    A truly nifty comic. Excellent artwork, extended plot with connected story lines and a full indexed archive. The only time that this strip isn't funny is when it's hysterical. Occasionally violent, but otherwise suitable for all ages.
  • User Friendly
    The artwork isn't up to the other strips, but the jokes are decent and have a certain amount of geek-appeal. Reccomended for anyone with more than a basic understanding of what goes on in a technical support office. Full archive available online, suitable for all ages.
  • Goats
    Good artwork, frequently funny or at the very least odd. One of the best features is the archive, which lets you see how much the author's skills have improved over time. Considering that one of the main characters is a goat who has been blessed by Thor with magic panties that allow him to pick up women in bars, you'll understand that this strip is not for everyone.
  • Clan of the Cats
    This one's been going for a bit over a year now. It's a combination of comedy, drama, and the supernatural with good artwork and a sympathetic main character.
  • PVP Online
    A well rendered daily comic on the behind-the-scenes hijinx at a computer game review magazine. The former weekend replacment strips for PVP have taken on a life of their own over at The focus is on the cleaning staff and security guards at the building and are done by a different creative team.
  • The Class Menagerie
    This recently changed from weekly to daily updates An anthropomorphic animal strip set in a college dorm. Frequently funny, with excellent art. The site has undergone a recent rennovation which makes it much easier to access the archive of past storylines.
Regularly updated Independant
  • Freefall
    Very nicely rendered artwork and a fun cast of characters. The site has a full archive of strips and a section for fan art. New strips are updated Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The strip itself is rated 'PG', but watch out for some of the fan site links...
  • The Quirkiverse
    I stumbled across this one while doing some genealogical research, and it's turned out to be well worth following. It's a sci-fi epic in color, updated on Sundays. Kind of like Prince Valiant in space, on LSD. You can also order print and electronic .PDF versions of the comic strips from their site, which is kinda cool.
  • Cool Cat Studio
    Very nicely rendered artwork... It's difficult to sum up the ideas behind the strip, but it's a fun behind the scenes view of a magazine and design sutdio and the people who work there. I'd rate it PG-13 for occasional mature themes.
  • Bob the Angry Flower
    Surreal and funny. This is the online version of a Canadian comic strip that has been featured occasionally in the back cover of Dave Sim's "Cerebus" comic book. It's improved from a 'Whenever I Feel Like It' update to 'Fridays More Often Than Not.' A massive and humorous annotated archive of strips is available.
Irregularly updated Independant
  • Journey To The West
    Great artwork with a fantastic combination of computer rendered and hand drawn images. A splendid story about a blue Zen coyote in the west, his bigfoot / monkey king teacher, a psychadelic alien grey wizard, a southern belle cat, a paranoid fox and the eerie Men in Black. The archive is a must-read.
  • Red Meat
    Supposedly this is updated weekly, but it's been a bit irregular lately. Check it out anyway. This is sick and twisted humor at its best. The artwork is, for the most part, very clean and wholesome, looking in many cases like something out of a 1950's style clip art catalog. Everything else though... Well, let's just say that this is not reccomended for children.
Just Plain Wrong
  • Spacemoose
    With the demise of the Dysfunctional Family Circus, something had to take over this coveted position and Spacemoose is the top contender. Surprisingly good artwork combined with appallingly sophmoric humor make this a comic strip that you'll love to hate. Absolutely not for children, and probably not for adults either.
    So why include it at all? Well, it's tough to describe the reaction this strip provokes.
    Imagine that you see some sweet-faced grandma walking down the street and she slips on a banana peel. And while she's trying to regain her balance she's striking the exact same pose as a prima ballerina and the incongruity makes you laugh. Then she falls down and breaks her hip. Suddenly you feel really ashamed, but that doesn't change the fact that for a split second, she was the funniest thing you ever saw.
    Reading Spacemoose is a lot like that.
    Update: The strip hasn't been updated for over a month now, so if it doesn't get changed within a week or two, I'm going to have to retire Spacemoose in favor of smoething else nasty. Probably SSDD.
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