When to Drink in the

Dark Shadows

Drinking Game.
  • If the person doing the introduction to the show is male.
  • If a character mentions "Terror" in any form. (eg "terrifying", "terrible", "terrorized")
  • If Julia Hoffman says three complete sentences without hesitating or repeating herself.
  • Any time that an actor whose character has died or left the show somehow returns as someone else (this can be brutal for a while after time travel has occurred).
  • If a character is suddenly replaced by a new actor playing the same part.
  • If you see the camera.
  • If you see the microphone.
  • If there is a really blatant shadow of the boom microphone on the walls, or on a character.
  • If some supposedly solid construct (wall, door frame, etc.) wobbles excessively.
  • If you see the RUBBER SQUEAKY BAT!!!.
  • If someone messes up a line in an obvious way.
  • If a character drinks you should drink to be sociable (Barnabas drinking blood counts too!).
  • If someone (especially Quentin) verbally threatens another person's life (i.e. saying "If you tell anyone, I'll kill you.")
  • If people are referred to by where they live (A man in a house by the sea, Those who live in the old house, etc.).
  • If there is an obvious mistake in the soundtrack (wrong soundtrack, wrong sound effect, sudden change in volume).
  • If they do the "fake commercial" fade (Example: if they don't go to a commercial right after the "Dark Shadows" titles).
  • When there are continuity errors (changes in clothes between two episodes with no change in time, important dates changing between episodes).
  • When they show the hall clock, raise your glasses and announce the time followed by, "The Witching Hour at Collinwood!" then drink. Only do this if the clock is NOT showing midnight.
  • If there is an amazingly old continuity reference (more than twenty episodes old).
  • When there is bizarre camera movement.
  • If there are visible stagehands or unexplained shadows of people who aren't supposed to be there.
  • When they show obvious anachronisms (electric lights and revolvers in 1795).
  • Whenever someone dies, or optionally whenever a major character does something to move themselves to the top of the "You're So Dead" list.
  • If they show a show in black and white after they were supposed to have switched to color.
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