The Nakba(Disaster) that Created the Palestinian Refugee Problem

DEIR YASSIN Survivor's story of what happened at the village:

IT WAS FOUR O'CLOCK in the morning of April 9, 1948 when my 96-year-old grandmother, Hajjah Amenah, came to my bed and said: "My son, wake up, the whole village is burning and guns are firing in every direction." I was then 17 years of age, and sound asleep. But as the firing intensified and got closer and closer, my grandmother finally yanked me out of bed, and I got up.

Looking out my bedroom window toward the west side of the village, I saw the village ablaze and heard the sound of heavy cannons and grenades bursting from all directions, in house after house.

On orders from future Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, 80 Irgun terrorists had attacked my village that morning--despite the fact that, a month earlier, Deir Yassin had signed a non-aggression pact with the nearby Jewish settlement of Giv'at Sha'ul. Nevertheless, it was from Giv'at Sha'ul that the Irgun attackers emerged, along with many armed terrorists from the Stern Gang, one of whose top three leaders was Yitzhak Shamir, another future prime minister of Israel. They threw hand grenades into village homes and shot residents in cold blood.

My grandmother and 2-year-old brother, Omar, who had been sitting on her shoulders, were shot dead, and 27 of my relatives, uncles and aunts were killed. All in all, 103 people from the village were dead, two-thirds of them old men, women and children. My 6-year-old sister, Nazeeha, hid between the bodies of my grandmother and brother when they fell to the ground. She was taken captive, and my mother, who had spent the night of attack at the home of one of her relatives, later was taken captive as well.

I escaped by a MIRACLE. Luckily, my father and the rest of his seven sons were in Majdal, a town near Gaza, completing work on a construction contract for the British, who were preparing to end their Mandate in Palestine.

When the massacre was over, the terrorists placed surviving villagers in trucks and paraded them through the streets of Jerusalem in a victory parade.

Following the Deir Yassin massacre, approximately 750,000 Palestinians left their villages or towns and became refugees. Most of them were either expelled by force or fled in fear from their homes and villages.

Today my family's home in Deir Yassin is occupied by a Russian Jew and used as a carpentry shop. I cannot go there.

While I might forgive what happened in my village for the sake of peace and to save other human lives--Palestinian and Israeli--I will never forget. All criminals must pay for their crimes. We know that justice will always prevail over injustice and that Palestine will once again be free and that Jerusalem will be our future and eternal capital.



Watch the Animation Map of Palestinian's that left From each District....

This is a map of Palestinian Refugee routes and displacement from thier respected districts.  The red balloons represents the number of Urban refugees and the green balloons represents the number of rural refugees that left.  For each refugee displaced represents 1km in altitiude.  So the higher the balloon, the more refugees displaced, and vice versa.  The red arrows on the map shows the direcetion of where did the Palestinians fled to. 
To see it on Google Earth, please download this file and save it on your destop.  You would need to open it up in Google Earth: Palestinian Refugees Displaced

Below is a Distribution of Palestinian Population Map overlay on Google Earth.  It shows Palestinian Populations in the Surrounding areas of Palestine:

This is a map of the distribution of the Palestinian Population in Israel, Gaza Strip, West bank and the surrounding countries.  It includes pie charts of these areas and the Pie chart is divided by the proportion of 3 types of Palestinians: Original non-refugees, refugees not in camps, and refugees in camps.  The larger the pie chart is correlated with the larger the palestinian population in that region.

1897-Creation of the World Zionist Organization
1901- Jewish National Fund-created to develop and buy land in Ottoman Palestine
1911-Palestinian newspaper Filastine begins to appear; addressing its readers as "Palestinians", it warns about consequences of Zionist colonization.
1914- WW1 Starts
1916- Sykes Picot agreement secret agreement between UK France and Russia. 
1917- Balfour Decleration
1918-Palestine occupied by Allied Forces under British General Assembly
1920- San Remo Conference
1921- Founding of the Haganah, the Zionist's military program. 
1922- Creation of Supreme Muslim Council- Led by Al-hajj Amin Al-Husseini the Mufti of Jerusalem.
1925- Arab National Party created and supported the British and had limited influence on the Palestinian people.
1929- Riot in Hebron: Arab rioting in Jerusalem spread to other cities.  70 Jews murdered in Hebron.
1935- Palestine Arab Party Led by Al-hajj Amin Al-Husseini
1936- Arab Revolt: 1936-1939: Led by Al-hajj Huseini
1937- Peel Commision:  Proposed a two state solution: Jewish minority and Arab majority united with TransJordan.
1939- White Papers (Britan)
1945-End of WWII
1947- Britan Turns over Mandate land to UN UN Partition Resolution created and led by Count Folke Bennadette
1948-May 14, 1948 Israel declared Independance and First Arab/Israeli War.  The Year where Al-Nakba was created!
1950- Tripartite Decleration of 1950- UK, USA, and France declared" unalterable opposition to the use of force or threat to settle Arab-Israeli Conflict


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