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We combine field, laboratory and collections-based research to address questions related to organismal adaptations, diversification and evolutionary history. Projects in the lab focus on tropical marine and temperate freshwater taxa, but study of other systems are encouraged.

We have access to extensive and important collections in the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology collections. These collections provide valuable resources for including phylogenetic breadth and historical samples in investigations of modern and historical phenomena.


Prospective graduate students:

Prospective masters and PhD students who are interested in joining the Duda Lab should contact Tom Duda by phone or email as soon as possible to discuss research interests, opportunities for projects, the EEB department, and life in Ann Arbor. EEB has a very attractive graduate student support package and additional funds for research and fieldwork are available internally not only from EEB, but also from the Museum of Zoology and the Rackham School of Graduate Studies.


Prospective undergraduate students:

We have already had a number of excellent undergraduate students conduct studies in our lab and can usually accommodate two or three students each semester. Currently enrolled University of Michigan undergraduate students should contact Tom Duda by phone or email to discuss opportunities for engaging in an independent research project in the Duda Lab. The research project can be designed to satisfy the thesis requirement of the Biology Honors Program or students can obtain credits for Independent Research (EEB 300).


Undergraduate students participating in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program and non-UM undergraduates participating in the Summer Research Opportunity Program are also encouraged to discuss research opportunities with Tom Duda by phone or email.


Prospective postdocs:

Prospective postdoctoral research associates should contact Tom Duda by phone or email to discuss potential research projects and the availability of positions.


Marine Science Research Experience:

In 2010, several undergraduate students from the American Samoa Community College (ASCC) participated in research activities with the Duda Lab in American Samoa. Fa'afetai! In June of 2008, four undergraduates from the University of Guam (UoG) participated in research activities at the UoG Marine Lab and in Pago Bay with Tom Duda. Much thanks to Marielle, Chris, Jon and Cabrini - Si Yu'us ma'ase!. During the summer of 2009, Marielle Terbio visited our lab and investigated a cryptic species complex in Conus.