Anne-Michelle Tessier
Research Investigator, Center for Human Growth and Development
Lecturer I in Psychology and Linguistics
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI, USA

tessiera at umich dot edu

Welcome to my UMichigan website. I am a linguist who studies child language and development in a bunch of places. One of those places is the Center for Human Growth and Development (CHGD) at the University of Michigan.

My Research Projects

The latest! * Tessier A.-M. and M. Becker. 2018. Vowel but not consonant identity and the very informal English lexicon. To appear in the Proceedings of the 2017 Annual Meeting of Phonology. This labour of love side project with Michael Becker uses anonymous surveys, corpus data and crosslinguistic typology to investigate English speakers' phonological preferences in a fairly novel and marginal part of the lexicon -- namely, a type of obscenity we call the shitgibbon.

My current CHGD research, in collaboration with Ioulia Kovelman and Xiaosu Hu and B.A. student Rennie Pasquinelli, is focused on the phonological processing skills acquired by children with early-implanted cochlear implants. How do children who acquire all of their auditory language through a CI adapt to and compensate for the somewhat impoverished speech signal they perceive? Which levels of phonological representation and/or retrieval are affected, and how are they manifested neurologically? Our team is collecting a set of behavioural data (both standardized tests and our own protocols) as well as functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy data (an optical imaging method that does not interfere or interact with the cochlear implant, unlike fMRI and EEG) from CI users ages 7-9, as well as from typically-hearing adults and children.

My Canadian SSHRC-funded research in collaboration with Ashley Farris-Trimble and Claire Moore-Cantwell at Simon Fraser University is a project on phonological perception and production in early child ESL learners, although currently we're actually studying the monolingual control data because of course it's more interesting (complicated) than we expected. To read more: Tessier, A.M., A. Farris-Trimble and L. Vasilyeva. 2016. Phonological development and children's variable acceptability judgments of onset clusters. Poster presented at AMP 2016, USC.

Manuscripts currently in progress
Word recognition and phonological processing in Canadian Raising dialects -- first author: Ashley Farris-Trimble
U-shaped development in child phonology -- in prep for WIREs Cognitive Science

Recent Other Publications
* Tessier, A.M. 2017. Learnability and Learning Algorithms in Phonology. In the online Linguistics Oxford Research Encyclopedia.
* McAllister Byun, T. and A.M. Tessier. 2016. Motor influences on grammar in an emergentist model of phonology. Language and Linguistic Compass 10/9: 431-452.

Meanwhile, all of my research output from 2015 and earlier is still hosted at and downloadable from the University of Alberta, where I was an Assistant and then Associate Professor of Linguistics from 2006-2016.

My Teaching

At the University of Michigan, I am a Lecturer I in Psychology and Linguistics.
In Winter 2018, I'm teaching PSY352 Development of Language and Thought and PSY355 Cognitive Development.
I teach Mon/Wed 2:30-5:30 and my office hours this semester are Wednesdays 1-2pm or by appointment.
At other times, I have taught Linguistics courses at Michigan (Intro, First Year Seminar, Intro to Psycholinguistics, Speech Science, and Grad Phonology)

If you have questions about where I am and what I'm doing there (understandably), feel free to email me as above.

last updated January 15, 2018