Nicola Terrenato

Curriculum Vitae

Present positions

2007-present Associate Professor of Classical Archaeology, University of Michigan.

2003-2009 American Academy in Rome. Director of the Summer Program in Archaeology


1990-94 University of Pisa. PhD in Roman Archaeology. Dissertation title: “Cities and territories of Northern Etruria in Roman Times”.

1992 University of Michigan. Visiting Scholar.

1989-90 M. Aylwin Cotton Foundation. “Daniela Fusaro” Scholarship.

1983-88 University of Rome “La Sapienza”. Cum laude degree in Roman Archaeology. Thesis title: “The lower Cecina valley survey”.


2004-2007 Associate Professor of Classics, University of North Carolina.

1998-2004 Assistant Professor of Classics, University of North Carolina.

2000-01 British Academy. Visiting Fellow.

2000-01 Churchill College, Cambridge. By-Fellowship.

1996-98 University of Durham. Leverhulme Visiting Research Fellow.

1996-98 University of Siena. Part-time lecturer.

1992-96 University of Rome “La Sapienza”. Teaching and Research Assistant.

1994-95 Colgate University Venice Study Group. Lecturer (Fall semesters).


2004 Phillip and Ruth Hettleman Prize for Artistic and Scholarly Achievements by Young Faculty. UNC Chapel Hill.

2003 Cullen Prize, for "the most promising contribution to archaeology by a younger author". Antiquity Board of Trustees.

Research projects

2001-pres. Torre di Donoratico Excavation. Principal Investigator.

2003 Villa delle Grotte (Grottarossa). Principal Investigator.

1987-2002 Cecina valley field survey and excavations at Cosciano and San Mario. Sponsored by Earthwatch Institute and Regione Toscana. Principal Investigator.

1997 Falerii Novi Hinterland project. Principal Investigator.

1997 Botromagno (Gravina) Interpretation of surface evidence and GIS data processing. Principal Investigator.

1996 Excavations at the Auditorium site, Rome. Field director.

1985-96 Excavations on the Northern slope of the Palatine. Area supervisor.

1990-96 Excavations at the roman villas of S. Pietro - Tolve and S. Gilio - Oppido in the Bradano valley (Basilicata). Field director.

1987-89 Excavations at the Roman Theatre in Volterra. Field co-director.

Seminars and conferences

Conference organizer: Archeologia teorica, Siena 1999; State formation in the Mediterranean and beyond, Chapel Hill, October 2003 (with D. Haggis).

Keynote address: The theory, history and methodology of regional archaeological projects, Leiden 1996; Sixth Conference of Italian Archaeology, Groningen 2003; The Etruscans and the Others, NYU 2004.

Invited speaker: The Roman State from the Etruscan Kings to the Plebeian Consuls, Columbia University, New York, 2002; Side-by-side survey, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2002; Les mutations de la fin de l’âge du Fer, Cambridge 2005.

Session organizer: “Italy and the West”, European Association of Archaeologists Conference, Ravenna 1997 (with Simon Keay); “Cultural hegemony and local identities under the expanding Roman Republic”, Roman Archaeology Conference 3, Glasgow 2001 (with P. Van Dommelen); “State Formation in the Mediterranean: beyond evolutionism”, AIA Meeting, New Orleans 2003 (with D. Haggis); “Ancient and modern colonialism”, Joint AIA-APA Workshop, Boston 2005 (with P. Vasunia); “Roman Republican Villas: Architecture, Context, and Ideology”, Joint AIA-APA Colloquium, San Diego 2007 (with J. Becker).

Session/colloquium chair: Burial, Society and Context in the Roman World, Durham 1997; Studi sull'Italia repubblicana, British School at Rome, 2003; AIA Meeting, San Francisco 2004.

Discussant/respondent/panelist: Journée dEtude sur la Romanisation de l’Occident romain, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris, conference in occasion of the publication of the book Italy and the West (eds. S. Keay, N. Terrenato), 2000; Society for American Archaeology Meeting, San Juan 2006; The Hellenistic West, BSR Workshop, Rome 2006; Society for American Archaeology Meeting, Austin 2007.

Invited seminars: Universities of Bologna, Cambridge, Durham, Glasgow, Leiden, London, Michigan, Oxford, Paris 13, Pisa, Rome I, Siena, Southampton, St. Andrews, Stanford; AIA Chapters: Carolina, Niagara Peninsula; Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (Rome); British School at Rome; American Academy in Rome, Museo Guarnacci (Volterra).

Papers given at: La cartografia archeologica, Pisa 1988; Geofisica per l'Archeologia, Rome 1988; Papers in Italian Archaeology 4, London 1990; Archeologia del paesaggio, Siena 1991; POPULUS, Siena 1994; GIS-Internet, Siena 1995; I residui nello scavo archeologico, Rome 1996; European Association of Archaeologists Conference, Riga 1996; Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Nottingham 1997; Theoretical Archaeology Group, Bournemouth 1997; Further Approaches to the Tiber Valley, Rome 1998; Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Leicester 1998; Roman Archaeology Conference 2, Durham 1999; Archeologia teorica, Siena 1999; Society for American Archaeology Meeting, Philadelphia 2000; Secondo Congresso di Archeologia Medievale, Brescia 2000; Society for American Archaeology Meeting, New Orleans 2001; AIA Meeting, Philadelphia 2002; Society for American Archaeology Meeting, Denver 2002; State formation in the Mediterranean and beyond, Chapel Hill, October 2003; AIA Meeting, San Francisco 2004, AIA Meeting, Boston 2005; Suburbium II, École Française de Rome, 2005; Roman Archaeology Conference 6, London 2007.

Academic reviewing and refereeing

Rome Prize Jury. American Academy in Rome. 2006-2008.

Advisory Editor: Antiquity. 2001-2002.

Editorial Board Member, FACTA. Journal of Roman Material Culture Studies. 2007-

Reviewer of manuscripts submitted for publication: Cambridge University Press (4); Columbia University Press; Blackwell; Papers of the British School at Rome (2); Journal of Roman Archaeology (2); European Journal of Archaeology; American Antiquity (2); Journal of Field Archaeology (2); Journal of Archaeological Science; Journal of Structural Geology; Internet Archaeology; Opuscula Romana (4).

Grant application reviewer: National Geographic Society; National Science Foundation (2); Earthwatch Institute; National Research Council, Italy; Ministry of Research, Italy (2); University of Siena.

External promotion assessor: University of St Andrews, Scotland.