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Hindu Philosophy

I teach Philosophy/religion to 9th and 10th graders at Chinmaya Avantika. We follow the Hindu Philosophy called Vedanta (Veda Anta: Veda is the sacred book of knowledge and means end) laid out in the Upanishads which are literally at the end of the sacred book Veda. There are four Vedas (written over a long period of time) and 108 or so Upanishads. Idea is rather simple "Everything is the same Divine, including the inert". The goal of the spirtual development for any person is to relaize that one-ness with everything and live in the harmony and contentment of that everpresent Divinity. The path to achieve this goal is to train the body, mind and intellect to gear towards  "Selfless actions full of compassion and knowing well that we are all one". Karma Yoga is the process by which we replace the selfish actions by selfless or less selfish actions, Bhakti Yoga is the process by which we bring compassion and devotion in our hearts and mind for everybody and everything and Jnana (Gyana) yoga is the process by which we bring the knowledge of one-ness into our thought process through constant meditation. If you are interested in knowing more about this philosophy then read following two books (Kindle Life and Self-Unfoldment) by Swami Chinmayananda,  founder of  the Chinmaya Mission.

Carnatic Music

I also sing Carantic Indian Music (a Southern Indian Style of Music) which builds on divine qualities  of  God and leads one to achieve the one-ness with that divine through love and compassion. For more information about this style of music visit Carnatic and Carnatic India.

My Favorite Auto Repair Shop
: Mark's Auto , 8256 Dexter Chelsea Road Dexter, MI, 48130-9814. Phone Number: (734) 426-3163

My Favorite  Auto Dealer for Used Cars: Sesi Lincoln Mercury, Ypsilanti.

My Favorite Farm Market for Fresh Produce: Alexander's Farm Market, 6925 Whitmore Lake Road, Whitmore Lake, MI 48189-9258. Phone Number:  (734) 741-1064

My favorite Pharamcy with a Friendly Service: Dexter Pharamcy

Nice Grocery Shop: Country Market

Place to go for Hair cut: Great Clips, Dexter

Place to go for good food, ice cream and great catering: Stucchi's of Dexter

For  Indian food I go to: Madras Masala