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Training Stage Alpha Demo Version 1.02 (click on thumbnails for fullscreen view):

This is a TECH DEMO!  See Training Stage Alpha Gamma for a usable version of the stage.

What's New 1.02
* Made modification for Windows Mugen Plus compatibility.
* Set one of the star layers as layerno = 1.
* Stage no longer resets between rounds.

What's New 1.01
* Fixed stupid bug that caused a dark vertical line to run near the right parallax wall.

What this is:

* A stage mostly made of parts from my previous works to learn how to use parallax.
* Properly made parallax floor!
* Parallax side walls that align properly to the back walls and to the floor.  For this reason, MUGEN slows down to a crawl.
* Hi-Jump friendly and wide combat area.
* A special symbol may appear during certain super moves.

What this is not:

* An efficiently made stage.

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