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Super Mario Bros. 3 - World 1-1 Version 2.01 (click on thumbnails for fullscreen view):

What's New 2.01:
* Made modification for Windows Mugen Plus compatibility.
* Stage no longer resets between rounds.

What's New 2.0
* Stage is even bigger and now has the COMPLETE World 1-1 layout.  5712 pixels wide!
* Slight tweak to Mario & Luigi. (fixed disappearance bug on the right screen edge)
* Tweaked deltas.
* Added item symbols during certain super moves.

What's New 1.1
* Added rotating item symbols to the clouds.
* Made the right triangle border scroll downwards.
* Added Mario & Luigi.
* Readjusted timings of twitching enemies.

What this is:

* Stage based on Super Mario Bros. 3: World 1-1.  All graphics re-sprited to higher resolution.
* Hi-Jump friendly and wide combat area.

What this is not:

* An actual Mario game.

* Sorry, no mp3 file included.

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