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Sky Battle - Night Version 1.32 (click on thumbnails for fullscreen view):

What's New 1.32:
* Made modification for Windows Mugen Plus compatibility.
* Stage no longer resets between rounds.

What's New 1.31
* Fixed leftbound and rightbound.  This prevents certain projectiles from getting "stuck" at the ends of the stage.

What's New 1.3

* Cleaned up starfield graphics.  Added additional glowing stars and shooting stars.
* Fixed front-most cloud layers.
* Added "Moon Dragon" effect during certain super moves.
* Extended pit floor (seen during certain super moves).
* Tweaked various deltas.

What's New 1.2:
* Redone MKII pit platform graphics to truly reflect hi-res. Not made from scratch as originally planned, but looks rather nice now.
* Tweaked moon graphics and glow.

What this is:
* Stage inspired by MK vs SF II flash movie by Proxicide.  No graphics were used from the flash movie.
* Hi-Jump friendly and wide combat area.

What this is not:
* An exact replica of the MK vs SF II stage.
* Sorry, no mp3 file included.

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