May, 2005     “Fabrication of Reconfigurable Protein Matrices by Cracking” is the cover photo article in Nature Materials (see


Nov, 2004     “Computerized Microfluidic Cell Culture Using Elastomeric Channels and Braille Displays” is the cover photo article in PNAS (see


Oct 2004   Congratulations to Wei Gu: Undergraduate Winner of the Collegiate Inventors Competition (see


Sept 2004   Congratulations to “Dan” Dongeun Huh: Best Poster Prize at MicroTAS 2004 (Malmo Sweden).


Welcome to Micro/Nano/Molecular Biotechnology Lab (MnM Lab) at the University of Michigan.

























































Our laboratory focuses on understanding cell function through the development and use of novel micro-, nano-, and molecular-scale technologies. Current research focuses on the following three areas:

1. Microscale Integrated Cell biology Systems (MICS); Development of automated microdevices to sort, culture, and analyze cells (Microfluidics, Bio-MEMS, Subcellular signaling).
2. Panscopic design and synthesis of biomaterials (this means spanning all length-scales from the macroscopic, microscopic, nanoscopic, to molecular scale). Nanotechnology (Protein nanopatterning).
3. Microenvironomics; The systematic study --using MICS and Panscopic Biomaterials-- of how micro- and nanoscale environments affect cell function.

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