The Company of the S.W.O.R.D. & S.A.B.R.E.

05/24/07 - OI! Where has all the time gone?!? I have been making a concerted effort to finish up the 'Net Book' - however, it seems that my colleague (a.k.a. Dave), does not seem to have his 'heart' into finishing at this time (even though I have left 'several' size 10 boot prints in his arse! Maybe by placing more chapters 'public', will get his attention (HINT HINT Dave, HINT HINT)! Anyways....back to your 'regularly scheduled programming'. (P.S. Jordan Silverton, I need you to RE-Submit your info for the webring - ye have nae responded to my emails about this yet, and I would very much like to get ye back onto the WebRing!)

08/16/04 - HHmm.....seems my little updates here are a wee bit few and far between. Well - It took long enough, but I am FINALLY out of Neveron. In fact, so much so, that I have removed the link below as well. This game is a BLACK HOLE. The Admins no longer really care what the community thinks - and the game, basically, has become 'tedious'. We are done, and that is that.

We have gotten into a couple other games now as well - however, since they do not involve Spelljammer directly, I shall leave them only in my 'Links' section (once I get around to updating it).

As for other news - well, we are making the leap to 3rd Edition (v3.5) rules (quiver, shake, cringe). We are currently involved in our first Major campaign atm (about 6 months old so far), as well as a PBEM game - however, we have yet to embark upon translating our SPELLJAMMER Campaign info at this time.

On a good note however, I have begun updating what we have with current changes (the NetBook), and getting those up on the site as soon as possible.

09/09/03 - Wow - where has the time gone. Well folks, this is just a quick note. Unfortunately, both Dave and I have been caught up in playing an online game called Neveron. To our dismay, we have become SERIOUSLY lapse, both on this site, as well as with the NetBook we are working on. Currently, I have been pushing for more focus in this area. We are 'dusting off' the Chapters, and re-reading; correcting some mistakes and minor inconsistencies. Hopefully, you will begin to see some more additions over the next couple months (I also need to get my scanner working on WinXP, and begin scanning some images needed for the NetBook). For all those who keep checking the Site - Thank You for your dedication (or maybe you just got to us by accident) - either way - Thanx.

10/02/01 - Nothing new so far, other than they have changed my counter cgi script.

07/25/01 - Thank You to M.S. Raper for pointing out that my Guest Tome was not working. I discovered that there were some minor changes here on the servers that 'broke' the means to enter info. Everything should be corrected now! Please let me know if there are any further problems. Also note that "Chapter 2" is coming along nicely. STAY TUNED!!

07/09/01 - Well, it's "OFFICIAL"! As of 28 Jun 2001, we have been accepted into the Spelljammer Ring - WooHOO!! We hope that everyone enjoys this site - and if you have any questions/comments, please don't hesitate to email either one or all of us. Thanx!!

This site is dedicated to the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Spelljammer universe. Although TSR/WOTC has chosen to discontinue the Spelljammer universe - at least here, it still lives on.

This site will be primarily biased (well, in the begining anyways) towards one small adventuring/trading company known as The Company of the S.W.O.R.D. & S.A.B.R.E., known to operate out of SwordSpace (a.k.a. DarkSword Space), once known as DarkSpace.

Please be patient as we continue to gather all the information and get it into an electronic format, as well as continue to move forward on the net book (which, along with getting this page up and running), is our main focus at this time.

So sit back, and enjoy the pages herein.

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