EECS Pointers

This page is a list of things I think you should or might like to know about EECS. Lots of the things I say here are subjects of debate, not the Gospel truth. If you don't like my advice, you're under no obligation to follow it, but read links before dismissing me out of hand. I haven't written full arguments for many of my points because others have done it earlier and better. If you want to know who I am or why you should listen to me, check out my home page.

Table of Contents

1 Useful EECS Department and CAEN Pages

1.1 Safari Tech Books

This one deserves some more explanation. Safari is the complete catalog of O'Reilly books. Some of the good ones:

  • Effective Java
  • JavaScript: The Definitive Guide
  • Learning Python
  • Programming Perl

Supposedly, you can only read Safari on campus. However, you can get around this with SSH. If you're on Linux or a Mac, just run the following:

ssh -D 25000

Then set your web browser to use localhost:25000 (that's localhost, port 25000) as a SOCKS proxy. All your web browsing will then appear to come from on campus.

2 Getting Your Work Done

3 Getting an Internship Writing Software

(I'm not qualified to talk about getting a real job because I don't have one.)

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