Swapnaa Jayaraman

Scientist, New York University

Resume | CV

My life runs on two tracks: I am a research scientist by day and a community advocate by night, and I love finding ways to bring the two tracks together. I enjoy taking on challenges - the bigger, the better - and I thrive in environments where uncertainty is the norm. I enjoy an opportunity to understand a problem in depth, work with smart and empathetic collaborators on ideas, and see the solution through to the finish. This page describes some of my recent endeavors.


Databrary is a secure web-based data library for researchers to store, manage, share, discover, and reuse research data with a focus on video. It is unique in allowing both uploading of research data as well as authorized investigator access to datasets containing personally identifying information.

Datavyu is a video coding and data visualization tool developed by and for behavioral scientists. Datavyu is a complete software package for visualizing and coding behavioral observations from video data sources. Designed by - and for - behavioral scientists, Datavyu facilitates data coding and sharing through the ongoing Databrary data library project.

My primary function is to increase adoption of both platforms by the larger research community; aided by my established connections in multiple research fields (HCI, AI, ML, neuroscience, and psychology).

The PLAY Project

The PLAY (Play & Learning Across a Year) Project is a collaborative, video-intensive research initiative by 66 labs from 45 universities. It serves as a model system for doing developmental science using a big-data approach.

My role involves the coordination and oversight of all research and video data collection from each entity. I designed and developed a niche web-based app to bring structure to and manage key parts of the workflow.