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QBScott DreisbachSo-r Tom BradyFr-r
TBClarence WilliamsSoChris HowardJr
FBChris FloydJrJohn AnesFr
FLTyrone ButterfieldJrRussell ShawJr
SETai StreetsSoTodd BrooksSo-r
TEJerame TumanSo-rMark CampbellSo-r
CRod PayneSr-rSteve FrazierFr-r
GDamon DensonSrJeff BackusFr
GZach AdamiJr-rNoah ParkerSo-r
TJon JansenSo-rJeff PottsFr-r
TTom GuynesSr-rPaul TannousFr

DTWill CarrSrRob RenesFr-r
DTJosh WilliamsFr-rBen HuffJr-r
DEGlen SteeleJr-rJames HallFr-r
DEJuaquin FeazellSo-rPat KratusFr-r
LBDavid BowensSoMike ElstonJr-r
LBJarrett IronsSr-rClint CopenhaverSo-r
LBRob SwettJr-rSam SwordSo-r
FSChuck WintersSr-rDaydrion TaylorSo
SSSteve KingSr-rMarcus RayJr-r
CBWoody HankinsSr-rBrent WashingtonFr-r
CBCharles WoodsonSoAndre WeathersSo-r

Special Teams
PKRemy HamiltonSr-rJay FeelySo-r
PCory SargentFrPaul PeristerisSr-r
KRRussell ShawJrAnthony WilliamsSo-r
PRCharles WoodsonSoRussell ShawJr


    Two-a-day practices are continuing. As in the spring, practices are closed to the media, meaning information is a little hard to come by. However, the coaches have had some comments.
    The position of most concern is, of course, wide receiver. Tai Streets is expected to be one starter; he is talented, and is catching everything thrown in his direction. Of the three junior WR's (two are sophomore eligible), Tyrone Butterfield has stood out with his quickness and work ethic, and may be the leader to start at flanker. However, Russell Shaw, the junior college transfer, has been very impressive; the coaches have been mentioning how much he reminds them of Mercury Hayes. Of the freshman, Aaron Wright has also been fairly impressive; he has great speed, but a slight build; Marcus Knight has also practiced well. I would expect Streets, Butterfield, and Shaw to get the most playing time this fall.
    Another area of concern is kick returns. This is another area where Shaw may make a significant contribution (one service had him as the first-team junior college All-American kick returner last year). It also looks as if Charles Woodson may be returning punts. While he has All-American potential at CB, he is definitely a talented ball carrier (he was the offensive player of the year in Ohio as a running back in his senior year).
    All of the quarterbacks are playing well. Scott Dreisbach has pretty much locked up the starting job, but both Tom Brady and Brian Griese have played well while contesting for the backup job (this after Griese's suspension and horrible performance in spring practice). DiAllo Johnson is extremely athletic, and has great moves; he is improving his quarterback skills, and may play this year in short yardage and goal-line situations (a Kordell Stewart "slash" type of role). Jason Kapsner continues to impress. Stan Parrish, the QB coach, says he reminds him of Jim Everett phsyically, but is more mobile and is farther along than Everett was at this stage in his career.
    Yesterday was picture day for the Michigan football team (mostly a day to sign autographs and meet fans). Practice starts today; I bet the players are glad it's so much cooler than it was a few days ago.
    Freshman offensive linemen Jeff Backus and Paul Tannous have both been impressive. There is some speculation that both could play this year, depending on the overall health of the OL. The coaches seem equally high on both players, which tells me that Michigan made the right choice by sticking with Tannous despite a knee injury early in his senior season. Until the injury, some recruiting services felt that Tannous was the top player in Texas.
    Redshirt freshman DL Josh Williams broke the team record for the bench press. Watch out for this kid - he was impressive in spring drills and has gotten stronger over the summer. The graduation of Trent Zenkewicz and Jason Horn has left some playing time in the middle of the DL, and Williams will get a chance to show his stuff.
    Dion Grubbs, the RB from Detroit, did not report to Michigan. Apparently, he is going to junior college. I have heard mixed reports on why - some say he made the test score but didn't make it through the NCAA Clearinghouse in time, some say he didn't make the test score. Either way, he won't be in the Maize and Blue this season.
    The CNN/USA Today pre-season coaches poll has been released. Five Big Ten teams are in the top 25, with Michigan ranked #11. The numbers:

    1.Nebraska (47) 1,524
    2.Tennessee (6)1,398
    3.Florida State (6)1,376
    4.Florida (3)1,364
    6.Southern California 1,121
    7.Notre Dame1,094
    8.Penn State983
    10.Ohio State958
    12.Texas A&M857
    15.Virginia Tech703
    16.Miami (Fla.)593
    18.Kansas State441
    20.Louisiana State329

    OTHERS RECEIVING VOTES: Arizona State 187, North Carolina 112, Utah 94, Brigham Young 83, Oregon 81, Wisconsin 81, San Diego State 60, Texas Tech 59, East Carolina 58, Georgia Tech 45, Georgia 35, UCLA 31, West Virginia 23, Baylor 14, Oklahoma 13, Arizona 12, Stanford 11, Arkansas 10, Colorado State 9, Louisville 9, Toledo 9, Boston College 8, Michigan State 6, Southern Mississippi 6, Houston 5, Miami (Ohio) 5, Cincinnati 3, Fresno State 3, Mississippi State 2, California 1, Texas Christian 1.


    The season is fast approaching, with the opening game scheduled for August 31st at 3:30 p.m, versus the Illinois Fighting Illini. I would expect Illinois to have a tough go of it this year, going .500 last year and losing two players (Kevin Hardy and Simeon Rice) who were among the top 3 picks in the recent NFL draft.
    The freshman class (of 2000!) reported today for their initial workout. Speculation on who will contribute immediately has already begun (after one day of walk-throughs).
    Perhaps the most important players are the wide receivers, where Russell Shaw, the JC transfer, appears to be the most likely to make an immediate impact, along with Aaron Wright.
    Among the offensive standouts today were Jeff Backus on the OL, who is an imposing physical specimen and Jason Kapsner at QB, who displayed a remarkable combination of size (6'6", 220 lbs), arm strength, and mobility (amazing for a player his size).
    On the defensive side of the ball, safety Tommy "Death Row" Hendricks looks to be another extremely physical player who could contribute, though safety is a deep position.
    The rest of the team will report on August 9th (Friday).

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