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News: March-November '96

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Prospect Breakdown: 12/22/96
Quarterback 0 Stocked for the future with Jason Kapsner and Drew Henson.
Running Back 1-2 Remains a priority. Patrick McCall fills one need: a speed back with great moves and slashing ability. I would expect the scholarships to be offered from Anthony Thomas, Jamal Lewis, Burnest Rhodes, and Reggie White. There are several other very good backs (Ladell Betts, Damien Anderson, Derek Combs) interested, but scholarship limitations may play a role, unless a player is willing to change positions.
Wide Receiver 0-1 Not a major priority after landing 4 WR's last year, but if a top WR such as Daryl Jones really wanted to come to Michigan I don't think the coaches would say no. Seems unlikely, however.
Tight End 1 Chad Irwin or Brandon Stephens are the likely candidates. Ryan Humphrey would be nice but he'd look better in baggy shorts and a tank top - he's one of the top basketball players in the nation.
Offensive Line 0-1 Spot reserved for a great player only, given the 4 or 5 (Maurice Williams could play on either side of the ball) commitments already in place. Ben Sobieski would fit the bill, and like Williams can play on either side of the ball; Kareem McKenzie is a long long longshot, but he's visiting which always offers some hope.
Defensive Line2-3The coaches wanted to bring in several DL's to fit the rotating, attacking scheme, and they have one possible DL in Williams. Here's another place for Sobieski, as well. Kenny Smith would be a great pickup here if he can qualify academically. Erin Huizingh is a top-flight prospect at DE; another interested player is Kendall Daniels from New Jersey.
Linebacker2Grant Irons. Not much more can be said about him. I am not convinced he's a "lock" but Michigan has as good a chance as anyone. He's another who could play at DE. An OLB prospect is also likely; possiblities include Roylin Bradley (not likely), Austin Kemp, Konte Collins, and Torrance Craddieth.
Defensive Back1-2James Whitley and William Peterson fill the need at cornerback. A couple of names worth considering here, primarily at safety, are Quentin Jammer and DeWayne Patmon. Michigan may not land either but the need for depth may be addressed by an "athlete".
Athlete 1-2Eric Rosel is a great one who looked like a sure thing until he visited Northwestern - now it's a toss-up. Antwan Randle-El is a great all-around athlete who could be a "slash"-type player. Prospects who have other "primary" positions may fit in here, perhaps Burnest Rhodes or Austin Kemp.

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