The Journal of the PK Institute for Information Engineering

Volume 4(1/2), Winter/Spring 1995

In This Issue

Who Killed Richard Nixon This Time?

A campaign starter for GURPS Illuminati, wherein the body of a dead President is discovered, leading to the discovery of a secret organization and the attention of the mysterious Agent W


This AI doesn't simply live in the net, it is the net! The computer is not your friend...


The third installment in our unnamed fantasy world. An empire down on its luck.
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Journal of The PK Institute for Information Engineering

Volume 4(1/2), Winter/Spring 1995.
Originally published in All of the Above #23 by arrangement with PK Publishing.

Contents Copyright 1995 David S. Carter. All rights reserved.

The cartoon computer fishies are 1994, 1995 David S. Carter. The rest of the art is public domain clip art.

Journal of the PK Institite for Information Engineering, PK Publishing and PK Enterprises are trademarks of David S. Carter. GURPS and Illuminati are registered trademarks of Steve Jackson Games, Inc. No infringement on their trademarks is intended by their use here.

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