Doktor Schrincker

Age 47, 5' 8", short brown hair, brown eyes, mustache, caucasian.

ST 8, DX 12, IQ 16, HT 9.

Speed 5.25, Move 5.

Dodge 5, Parry 6 (brawling).

Advantages: Animal Empathy, Comfortable Wealth, Literacy, Reputation: A powerful, albiet evil, sorcerer; +8 everyone, sometimes (10 or less).

Disadvantages: Bad Temper, Fanaticism: Self, Gluttony, Megalomania.

Quirks: Wears desert fatigues, Cheap German accent, Talks to anyone who'll listen, Talks to anyone who won't listen, Likes to cause mayhem.

Skills: Alchemy-19, Animal Handling-16, Area Knowledge (Desert)-16, Astrology-14, Brawling-12, Glass Blowing-16, Poisons-17, Riding (Camel)-12, Survival (Desert)-15, Veterinarian-15, Whip-14.

Expert Elixers: Agni (Fire Resistance), Argus (Vision), Chiron (Healing), Circe (Transformation), Eris (Madness), Franken (Golem), Hebe (Youth), Hydra (Regeneration), Ibycus (Bird Control), Janus (Antidote), Melampus (Beast-Speach), Morpheus (Sleep), Odysseus (Invisibility), Persephone (Resurrection), Philocletes (Weakness), Pluto (Reanimation), Schrincker (Shrinking), Sigroy (Tiger-Control), Vulcan (Craftsmanship).

Schrincker's origins are unimportant, though he was probably mistreated as a child etc. etc. In any event, he has become quite an accomplished alchemist, though he allows others to perceive him as a sorcerer, since it a) gives him more respect, and b) gives him the element of surprise.

Schrincker lives in an oasis in the northern desert, in a large tent, surrounded by his flesh golem servants and his two pet white tigers (see p. B140 for stats). He has hatched a plan to shrink the royal family, and perhaps make some money in the process. He has no reason for doing this other than that he thinks it would be a cool thing to do.

Schrincker should be played like a stereotypical Nazi commander from a bad World War II movie. He struts around in desert fatigues, short whip in hand, punctuating his words in inappropriate places.

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