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Archibald Giggleswipe IV

Age 24, 5' 9", 145 lbs.; brown hair, brown eyes, human.

ST 10, DX 11, IQ 11, HT 9.

Speed 5, Move 4.

Thrust 1d-2, Swing 1d

Dodge 4, Parry 5/7, Block 5, PD 5, DR 4

Advantages: Very Handsome, Status 4, Wealthy, Literacy, Patron: Your father, Lord G.

Disadvantages: Combat Paralysis, Jealousy, Low Pain Threshold, Reputation: a dweeb (-5)

Quirks: High Voice, Tries to compose heroic epic poetry on the spot

Skills: Broadsword-10; Carousing-12; Dancing-12; Fencing-11; Heraldry-13; Lasso-13; Penny Whistle-13; Poetry-9; Riding (Horse)-12; Savoir Faire-13; Sex Appeal-13; Shield-10

You are the son of Archibald Giggleswipe III, Lord of Hunterwood, one of the greatest men to ever serve the King. Alas, you have been something of a disappointment to your father. He wants you to become a man by fighting great battles. You'd rather spend your time playing music and wooing the ladies, but until you've proven yourself, your father will not allow you to be officially named his heir. So you've come to the city looking for something, anything that you can do to get him off your back.

Broadsword: cut sw+1, imp thr+2 (3*)
Smallsword: imp thr+1 (1)
Chainmail: PD 3(1) DR 4(2) (25*)
Boots: PD 2 DR 2 (3*)
Shield: PD 2 Hits: 5/30 (8*)
Personal Basics (Š*)
Backpack (1*)
Tent (1 person) (5)
Lantern w/oil (4)
4 Traveler's Rations (2)
Horse: Nightflash (1200) (ST 40, DX 9, IQ 4, HT 16, Move: 16, Dam: 1d cr (kick))

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Age 28, 4' 5", 95 lbs.; black hair, brown eyes, blue skin, kobold.

ST 9, DX 13, IQ 11, HT 11.

Speed 6, Move 6.

Thrust 1d-2, Swing 1d-1

Dodge 6, Parry 7, Block --, PD 1, DR 1

Advantages: Acute Vision +5, Night Vision, Strong Will +2, Absolute Direction, Absolute Timing

Disadvantages: Kobold (see p. M99), Bad Temper, No Sense of Humor, Social Stigma (kobold)

Quirks: Dislikes other kobolds, Want to be accepted by humans

Skills: Area Knowledge (Desert)-13; Bow-14; Brawling-14; Crossbow-16; Fast-Talk-11; First Aid-12; Knife-14; Lasso-13; Riding (Camel)-13; Riding (Horse)-13; Scrounging-13; Survival(Desert)-14; Survival (Plains)-13; Tracking-12

Why, oh why did the gods curse you by making you a kobold? You donÕt understand--you seemingly have nothing in common with the other kobolds; theyÕre all stupid, canÕt keep their mind on anything, and just love playing stupid pranks. YouÕd much rather be a human, but they all treat you like dirt just because you look like a stupid kobold.

Unable to fit within either society, you make you living as a guide through the plains and desert surrounding the city, waiting for something exciting to happen so that you can prove to the humans that you deserve to be treated differently than other kobolds.

Crossbow: imp thr+4, SS 12, Acc 4 (6*)
Large Knife: cut sw-2, imp thr (1*)
Leather Jacket: PD 1 DR 1 (4*)
Cloth Leggings: PD 1 DR 1 (2*)
Boots: PD 2 DR 2 (3*)
Personal Basics (Š*)
Backpack (1*)
4 Traveler's Rations (2)
1st Aid Kit (2)
Rope: 60 yd. (9)
Horse: Dweeb (1200)
(ST 35, DX 9, IQ 4, HT 14, Move: 12, Dam: 1d cr (kick))

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Age 22?, 6' 6", 245 lbs.; shaved head, brown eyes, human.

ST 16, DX 11, IQ 7, HT 14.

Speed 6.25, Move 6.

Thrust 1d+1, Swing 2d+2

Dodge 6, Parry 7, Block --, PD 2, DR 2

Advantages: High Pain Threshold

Disadvantages: Berserk, Arachnophobia (Spiders), Ugly, Truthfulness

Quirks: Like Eat, Like Hit Things with Club, Like Shiny Things

Skills: Brawling-12; Throwing-10; Two-Hand Axe/Mace-14

You Ed.

Maul: cr sw+4, 1 turn to ready (12*)
Leather Armor: PD 2 DR 2 (10*)
Boots: PD 2 DR 2 (3*)
Shiny Things

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Age 26, 5' 10", 155 lbs.; blond hair, green eyes, human.

ST 10, DX 12, IQ 14, HT 10.

Speed 5.5, Move 5.

Thrust 1d-2, Swing 1d

Dodge 5, Parry 6, Block --, PD 1, DR 1

Advantages: Magery 1, Literacy

Disadvantages: Greed, Pacifism: SDO, Enemy: Town Guards

Quirks: Hates to make an honest $$$, Likes practical jokes

Skills: Area Knowledge: City-14; Brawling-12; Fast-Talk-15; First Aid-14; Holdout-15; Lockpicking-15; Shortsword-12; Slight of Hand-13

Spells: Create Air-18; Purify Air-18; Shape Air-18

You were a promising young mage at the MageÕs Guild Academy, but your studies were cut short when, after a quite hilarious prank, an upperclassman took great offense and hexed you into no longer being able to learn any more spells!

Unable to learn anything else in the way of magic, you moved to The City, where you pretend to be a great magician, using slight of hand to hoodwink the unsuspecting populace. Unfortunately, the Town Guard has finally caught up with you. You had figured theyÕd just throw you into the dungeon for a while, but now the captain of the guard says he has a deal for you...

Shortsword: cut sw, imp thr (2*)
Cloth Armor: PD 1 DR 1 (6*)
Shoes: PD 1 DR 1 (2*)
Personal Basics (Š*)
Colored Scarfs
Deck of Cards

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Katherine Stullman

Age 31, 5' 8", 135 lbs.; black hair, grey eyes, human.

ST 12, DX 13, IQ 12, HT 10.

Speed 5.75, Move 5.

Thrust 1d-1, Swing 1d+2

Dodge 5, Parry 6, Block --, PD 1, DR 1

Advantages: Unusual Background: From the 'Future' (15 pts.), Double Jointed

Disadvantages: Reputation: A Pain in the A$$ (-10 pts.), Stubborness

Quirks: Want to find a way back home, Hums Motown music

Skills: Brawling-13; Climbing-17; First Aid/TL 7-14; Gun (Shotgun)-17; Knife-13; Mechanic (Prop. Plane)-16; Pilot (2 Engine Prop.)-16; Swimming-13

While flying your plane through Manitoba to pick up a passenger, you were sucked through some sort of strange vortex and ended up in this strange world reminiscent of those sword-and-sorcery books that your younger brother used to read as a kid. You hate it here; they have no idea of how to treat a woman, or even know the meaning of personal hygiene! But what can you do? Luckily your Remmington shotgun has helped you to survive, but youÕre down to your last 5 shots!

Rem M870, 12G: 4d, SS 12, Acc 5 (8*)
Survival Knife: cut sw-2, imp thr (1.5*)
Leather Jacket: PD 1 DR 1 (4*)
Jeans: PD 1 DR 1 (2*)
Boots: PD 2 DR 2 (3*)
Personal Basics (Š*)
Backpack (1*)
4 TravelerÕs Rations (2)
1st Aid Kit (2)

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