Prince Kehndall

Age 21, 5' 9", short brown hair, green eyes, caucasian.

ST 10, DX 10, IQ 12, HT 12.

Speed 5.5, Move 5.

Dodge 5, Parry 6 (broadsword).

Advantages: Literacy, Status 6, Wealthy, Patron: Father the King.

Disadvantages: Chivalric Code of Honor, Gullibility, Honesty.

Quirks: Whines, Always talks about "When I'm King, things are gonna change...", thinks he's a much better singer than he is, armor doesn't quite fit.

Skills: Area Knowledge (City)-11, Broadsword-12, Diplomacy-10, Heraldry-11, Lance-11, Law-10, Riding (Horse)-10, Savoire-Faire-14, Shield-11, Singing-11.

Prince Kehndall is an annoying, whining, useless example of royalty. If the PCs knew any better, they'd probably say, "The heck with it; he deserves to be stuck at six inches!" but then the adventure would be much shorter.

When the adventure begins, Prince Kehndall has found himself shrunk to the height of six inches; use his stats as above as though we were a Bunnies & Burrows character (except, of course, for his IQ). If you desire, you can have Prince Kehndall tag along as an annoying NPC, or if you have a sixth player, have one of the players be the shrunken Kehndall!

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