The Journal of the PK Institute for Information Engineering

Volume 3(4), Fall 1994

In This Issue

Illuminatti: New World Order Solitaire Rules

For the new collectable card game from SJGames. Besides being easy to learn, our version of the solitaire game uses all of your cards which aren't already made up into decks, therefore allowing you to quickly play a game without having to disassemble the decks you spent hours on to create.

The Ecology of the Hypocrate

Scattered among the many letters we receive here at the Journal were a few from some of you who apparently have never heard of the Hippocrate (also known as the Hypocrate), thinking instead that we had made some sort of typographical error when we refered to it in our previous issue. So to clear things up, we had our intrepid staff write up some GURPS stats for this truly remarkable creature.

Second String

A complete fantasy adventure for GURPS. This adventure was run this year at U*Con 94, where it was a big hit.
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Journal of The PK Institute for Information Engineering

Volume 3(4), Fall 1994.
Originally published in All of the Above #22 by arrangement with PK Publishing.

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