Art by Dave

I've recently taken to trying to be an artist of sorts. Since I have absolutely NO talent for drawing anything resembling real life (even cartoons!) I decided to try my hand at abstract art.

The pictures you'll see below were all created by me, directly on a computer. They were originally Macintosh PICT images which have been converted to GIFs. Click on the thumbnail sketch to bring up the full size image on an external viewer.

An excercise in bright colors.

"Dave's Bad Day"
Sometimes the days go just like this...

"All of the Above"
I created this for a future cover of All of the Above, the apa to which I contribute

"Some of the Above"
An earlier version of the above cover

The best time of year--too bad it's so short

Lithium, I think, perhaps...

Not to much to say about this one, except I thought it looked cool so I kept it

Ditto here

Sometimes the night is peaceful & quiet...

"Night Dreams"
...and other times my mind just won't stop.

rev. 10/94

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