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So you're asking yourself, "So what's this whole APA thing about anyhow?"

APA's are, I suppose, rather unusual. While basically a fanzine, there are some differences. The best comparison I can make is to liken an APA to a discussion forum, in print. X number of people join, and send in whatever they have to talk about or wish c omments on for that issue. Then, the Central Mailer (me in this case) collects all of the submissions, collates it all together, and mails everyone a complete issue.

As an example: a new APA is forming, Tarn Rider, devoted to Gor. After finding ten people (the CM decides to limit it to ten members) willing to admit that they actually enjoy the Gor novels, he sets some rules (like how often i ssues will come out, etc.). Each of the ten people send in their material, the CM shuffles the papers and then mails one to each member.

Oh yeah, and APA stands for either Amateur Press Association or Amateur Press Alliance depending on who you ask.

What goes in an APA?

I can't speak for all APA's, but the contributions usually consist of material like introductions (at least for their first issue), essays, personal stuff, fiction, art and such.

All of the Above, being a gaming APA, generally receives rules discussions, scenario springboards, campaign discussions, characters, new rules, and pretty much the stuff you'd expect from a gaming magazine.

Where's the discussion forum part come in?

Oh yeah, forgot about that. The one thing that makes APA's different from your regular gaming magazines or fanzines are the mailing comments. These are where the members write in and comment (sometimes in great detail) about what everyone else wrote in th e previous issue.

So, tell me about All of the Above.

All of the Above is an APA with its primary focus on GURPS. GURPS is, of course, Steve Jackson Games' Generic Universal Role Playing System. After contributing to two other gaming APAs, I decided to start one up for my favorite system.

Now, just because our primary focus is on the bove doesn't mean that other material isn't welcome. I'm fairly open minded, and so long as we don't get too far off the subject, members are welcome to discuss whatever they want.

Currently our membership roster is open, with 20 members, leaving five open slots. I know that 25 seems to be a small number, but APAs can get quite unwieldy when they get too large. With our current roster we're averaging around 220 pages or so per issue .

Are there any requirements for members?

A few, none of which are tough to deal with. All members are expected to contribute (I'd rather not tie up slots with lurkers). You must maintain a positive account balance (we'll come back to this), and when you contribute you must mail me one copy of ea ch page for your submission on white paper, single sided. I prefer that you leave at least a three quarter inch margin on the left and right side to allow for binding.

Now, you'll also have to open an account when you join. Think of it as a subscription. Once I have everyone's submission I collate them all together, and then print as many copies as I have members, at which point they go in the mail. Afterwards I calcula te how much is owed for copies, etc. and then deduct that from everyone's accounts.

But what if your roster is full by the time you contact me?

True, but we do have a waiting list. If you're interested in being a member, drop me a line. It's possible that an opening is available.

What about back issues?

Generally I have back issues available, and I can send tham by mail. However, I warn you, I'm not real fast at replying to mail, so it may take a long time. Back issues by mail will run you $7.50 an issue (for about 220 pages or so) and I can accept check s or money orders in US funds. If you're from overseas, you'll have to send me either an International Postal Money Order, or a check drawn on a US back in US funds. Write for back issue availability, please.

Please mail all correspondance (and make checks payable) to:

Robert Gilson
Box 160
Mitchellville, IA 50169

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