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This page is full of stuff that makes me giggle (or, at the very least, gets me thinkin').  This page is always under construction.

Lists, Video Clips, Pictures, Forwarded Emails, R-rated jokes, Fun with words, and Optical Illusions



Dear Mr. Thatcher...


The Best Country Songs

The Sandal Oath

One of Dave's great "Top 10" lists

Best excuses for calling in sick to work

Jeff Foxworthy on Michiganders

Spirit Airlines announcements

Colonoscopy Small Talk

Lessons from Mom

Dispelling email hoaxes

Walmart Wine

That's a GOOD question!

Dysfunctional Hallmark Cards

Cat Haiku

Perfect day for a Woman / for a Man

How to read Personal ads

Potential Slogans for Michigan

Things That Make You Go "Hmmmmm....?"

How to Sing the Blues

5 or 6 good lists, some of my favorites

Dogs' Letters to God

Two fun lists

Alcohol Warnings

Great things about being a woman


R-rated and Politically Incorrect Jokes (parental discretion recommended)

If you're easily offended, go to another page!

Hair Transplant

Greeting Card Selection

Adult Dog Store

Air Bubble

P.E. Anonymous

Superboob 2005

Rhinoceros Boy


Anything you say....

Let's see it

Pitch a tent

Why you should wash your hands before you use your computer

Discretion is our company's highest priority

Pervy Santa

Safe Sex

It's so hard to find a good snowblower these days....

....because snowstorms in Michigan are SO BIG!

...and because snowball fights are so FUN!

Try explaining these tan lines

Toy Story:  12 years later

What happened to my Viagra?

A New Holiday



Forwarded Emails that I turned into HTM pages

Christmas Funnies

A new kind of inspirational poster.

JC Penney catalog 1977

"Stick Man" Humor

Lost in Translation?

When Graphic Artists Get Bored

The Dangers of Cloning

Need good home for free kittens

I'm still waiting...

Wedding of the Year

Guess the cup size

Why Men have 2 hands; Why Women have 2 hands

Computer features that make SENSE

Halloween Costumes for your Pet

Newspaper Wedding Announcements

Get your Mammies Grammed!

3 Brazilian Soldiers

Marriage Seminar

Math terrorist

Two bees

Three Huts

Misconceptions about duct tape

God vs. Satan

Dr. Evil's best monologue (Seriously folks, it's verbatim.  I nearly wore out the "Rewind" button on my VCR, writing this down)

The Kings of Late Night's Iraq commentary

Signs that you live in the new millennium

"Aging" (allegedly) by George Carlin

Actual On-air comments (allegedly) made by shortsighted Sports commentators

"3 Little Words That Work" (allegedly) by Andy Rooney

Varsity Letters


Fun with Words 

Punny Stuff (2007 edition)

Punny Stuff (2004 edition)

Alternate Definitions

Amazing Human Brain

English is CRAZY!

Fun anagrams

Good Words!

Actual Metaphors and Analogies used in High School Papers

Homonyms on Parade


Video Clips

Note:  These are pretty big files.  High speed connection strongly recommended.

What happens at Sea World stays at Sea World

Laughing Babies

Karaoke for the Deaf

Funny cats

GWB, uncensored

GWB at his finest


Website Links (Leaving my website)

Misunderstood song lyrics

Who's Alive / Who's Dead?

Anagram Anything

Michigan Accents



Can of whoop-ass



Construction humor

Eat shit and die

New motorcycle

Golf distraction

Trophy squirrel bagged by Texas hunters

The world according to Americans

Hillbilly Pacifier

Betsy, on a normal day

Hairless Cats, Married

Write a Short Story

Office Picnic:  Due to budget cuts, there will be a limit of one drink per person.  Bring your own cup.

I Love the 80s

Alabama Hunting Dogs For Sale

My Feelings Exactly

My Name Is Rex

Tickle Tickle Tickle

Texas Chainsaw Massacat

The rumors are true!

Hapless squirrel

Bad Bunny!

Put these on.

Igloo Contractors

You're in TROUble!

He just disappeared into thin air, Man!

Aging with Grace

Bumper pinings

French humor

Online shopping

Take out the trash

Computer crash

Goldfish thrill seekers

Where do bad ideas come from?

Modest Sunbathers

These two recommended for Michiganders or Chicagoans only:

Up North 1

Up North 2

Possibly the cutest picture EVER!

God Bless Madame Tussaud

Easter bunnies

Does this thong make me look fat?

What women say VS. what men hear

How refrigerator ice makers really work

Some harmless G-dubya Bush Bashing  

A little more Bush Bashing  

Men really know how to screw up a romantic evening

Billboards (Doctored photos, but funny)

"Don't step on it...."

Cute Halloween pups

"Honest dear, I can explain this...."

Single girl with great tan seeks same for romantic evenings and walks on beach. 


Optical Illusions

Moving or not? (leaving this website)

Count the black dots

Straight or sloped?

Gray haze disappears


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