Newspaper Wedding Announcements that Surely Raised An Eyebrow....

"I  don't know, last I saw them, they . . ."

Hurry hurry

"Well,  years ago I might have . . . "..

"The coroner told me that it looked like he had
been  hit in the head several times with a . . . . .  " comment .

"Honest  Judge, I'm not really a . . "

A marriage made in hetero heaven...

"Not only has my ass been itchin', on closer inspection,  I find my . . . ."

"It figures, right after I got my  Butts-McCracken
condition  cleared up, now I've got an . .   "

"My Doctor told me the best way to get rid of  my
Aikin-Johnson  was to . . . . . . "


"And...the  Doctor also suggested for preventative measures,
at  least twice a week, I should be . . .  "

My wife experienced her own uncomfortable symptoms...

"After I get all of these medical problems taken care of,
I  think I'll go get a . . "


You'd better hope it is, because it's the only one you'll have for the rest of your life.

The little boy was the ring bearer, and the bride is now officially the _____________.

"Honey, what should we serve at the wedding besides champagne?"

Dad, I don't know why, but I'm feeling a little uneasy about marrying this girl....


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