Lost in Translation

Actual translations photographed by students and faculty members visiting Japan (well, most anyway). 

For over 100 more of these fabulous goofs (plus personal commentary), find the Facebook group entitled "Photos from I Japan went to and now English no speaky can do."

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"Curious: somebody stop me, anyhow. There is more variation among flaccid penises than erect. This is because a smaller soft penis will expand more in size during an erection than a larger soft one." No Smorking. (Parents) "Too Stupid to Censor" Never a good idea. If you buy an adult entree, you get a.... (Bullet #3) Prop, prop.  OMG, I still get tears in my eyes when I think about this one.  I nearly peed myself.  
I sincerely hope this one is Photoshopped. Cat love me imflowing. Why not "Rove Rotion"? Click next picture for closeup of the final step. Damn straight you gonna. Believe me, you'll feel that in the morning. Bad Bowlers' League slogan, 2008.


Be Careful when Shopping Overseas

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