Things That Piss Me Off


Racist people

Having an unbeatable 'loner hand in spades, and someone calls up hearts

Traffic jams

The asshole who, during traffic jams, speeds onward on the shoulder or in the lane that's about to close

Michigan in July / being perpetually sweaty

Able-bodied people who park in handicapped spots


Jokes that have been recycled to death

Sexist pigs

E-mail propaganda from "friends" who assume you share their political and/or religious views


People who are rude to waitresses

Those who believe regular showering is optional

Weak coffee

Viagra ads, stock tips, insurance quotes, or bank letters from the son of the vice deputy president of Liberia on email


When you get to a store (video, pharmacy, whatever) at 1 minute before closing time and they're already closed, and won't help you.  What's even worse:  when they go on a power trip and cop an attitude.

Running out to the 9 and then doggin' it

Urban sprawl

Those who believe that a woman does not have a right to choose what happens to her own body

Caffeine headaches

People who don't work for a living

Politics in the workplace

Politics in general

People who never call ahead--just stop by unannounced and expect you to drop everything

Judgmental people


Static cling

When you're driving and the sun is directly in your eyes, and no matter what visor you pull down, how many pairs of sunglasses you put on, or what position you sit in, it relentlessly beams directly into your pupils

Slow metabolism


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