Photos of my Doll Collection

Photos of My Doll Collection
Barbie Dolls Description
Barbie Loves Elvis Cute!
Water Lily Barbie, Ken and Repro Bride Very nice addition to the collection.
Madame du Barbie She's blue. Different for Mackie I think.
A New Pink Rapunzel What can I say...she fits in with this "collection".
Prince Ken Ken looks cute in his romance attire.
Romantic Interlude A lovely doll.
1996 Happy Holiday Barbie This is a photo of the 1996 Happy Holiday Barbie doll. Beautiful! I found her in Columbus at the Toys R Us just before July 4th...a great way to celebrate! Even better than "fireworks"!
SugarPlum Fairy Barbie Doll A new addition to my collection, SugarPlum Fairy. She is exquisite!
An Interesting Comparison of The Romantic Rose Bride Dolls
Mackie's Moon Goddess Moon Goddess, second of the series.
Summer Sophisticate This is a new photo of the 1996 Barbie doll from Spiegel.
Empress Bride Barbie as Empress Bride.
Masquerade Ball This photo features Barbie dressed for the Masquerade Ball.
Porcelain Barbie Dolls Crystal Rhapsody, Silver Starlight and Gold Sensation porcelain Barbie dolls.
Presidential Series - Porcelains Porcelain Barbie dolls - Mattel's Photo of all three dolls. They are all quite beautiful!
Barbie Doll as a Circus Star Barbie doll dressed as a circus star performing in the center ring of the Barnum and Bailey Circus. She's an FAO Schwartz exclusive.
Silver Screen Barbie Doll Barbie doll as a star of the silver screen, very reminescent of Marilyn Monroe or Marlena Dietrich. She's also an FAO Schwartz exclusive.
Classique Dolls These are the Classique high fashion Barbie dolls.
Crystal Rhapsody This is a photo of the Crystal Rhapsody porcelain Barbie doll.
Gold Sensation Gold Sensation porcelain Barbie Doll.
Silver Starlight Silver Starlight porcelain Barbie doll.
Group of Dolls This is a group photo of Barbie dolls.
Three of the same as before. This is another shot of the same dolls as earlier.
Three of the same as before, different view. This is another shot of the same dolls as earlier from a different angle.
Gone with The Wind Barbie Dolls Barbie and Ken as Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler from Gone With The Wind.
Happy Holiday Barbie Dolls 1988 (Red Dress), 1989 (White Dress), 1990 (Fuschia Dress), 1991 (Green Velvet Dress), 1992 (Silver Dress), 1993 (Red with gold trim Dress), 1994 (Gold lame' Dress), 1995 (Green lame' Dress) Happy Holiday Barbie Dolls on the shelf.
Mackie Barbie Dolls Barbie Dolls designed by Bob Mackie including Masqurade Ball, Goddess of the Sun, Empress Bride and Queen of Hearts.
Swan Lake Barbie Barbie as the primo ballerina from "Swan Lake".
Great Eras Barbie Dolls Barbie Doll representing Great Eras in history - Egyptian Queen, Gibson Girl and Southern Belle.
Vintage and Repro My collection of vintage and reproduction Barbie & Ken Dolls.
1961 Barbie & Ken A close-up photo of 1961 Barbie and Ken. I still have the original boxes, stands, Ken's sandals, swimsuits and booklets that came with these dolls.
Evergreen Princess and Snow Princess Barbie Doll as the Evergreen Princess and Snow Princess. There is also a photo that includes Peppermint Princess, Seasons Greetings, the 1994 International Holiday (hiding behind Premiere Gene).
Spring Bouquet and Snow Princess Barbie dressed as Spring Bouquet and Snow Princess. There is also a "southern belle" costume being displayed on an unknown Barbie look-alike wearing a hat over a red hair styled in a ponytail.
Evening Flame and Theater Elegance. This is the Barbie Doll that was sold only by the Home Shopping Club, called "Evening Flame". Also Spiegel's Theater Elegance Doll for 1994.
My Doll Room Here's where I keep my collection of Barbie Dolls. Sorry, it's a bit dark in the background - I'll try again soon.
Barbie Dolls A variety of Barbie Dolls - sorry it's a bit dark.
Goddess of The Sun Mattel's photo of Goddess of the Sun
Empress Bride Mattel's photo and promo literature that comes with Empress Bride.
Fashion Avenue Clothes This will take you to a page of links for photos of Barbie's Fashion Avenue Clothes.
About my collection. This is a short story about my Barbie collection.

Photos of dolls I hope to buy someday.

Photos of some of my other Dolls.

Other Dolls in my Collection Description
Lady Diana and Tracey (Kingstate) Porcelain - Franklin Mint. Costume very nicely detailed.
Erte' Porcelain figurine, designed by Erte' While this is a beautiful porcelain figure, she is definitely not a doll, mostly I enjoy her as a work of art. The dress is very well made and has a large number of beads. Very beautiful.
A collection of my Gene Dolls
Elsie Massey Doll Porcelain Victorian Lady by Elsie Massey.
Jennifer. Jennifer, as a porcelain Bride.
Virginia. Virginia, as a porcelain Bride.
Rebecca. Rebecca, as a porcelain Victorian Bride.
Southern Belle porcelain doll. A Southern Belle porcelain doll in a peach satin gown.

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